Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Faith Dare by Debbie Alsdorf - REVIEWED

About the Book: (From the publisher)

What would happen if you lived out your faith every day, in every situation?

Jesus came to give us abundant life. So why are so many of us living with worn-out faith, struggling just to get by? What if there was something more? What if we could be set free from worry, fear, and the constant cycle of searching for significance?

The Faith Dare is a 30-day challenge for women who want to develop a new habit of focusing on God's ways and daily awareness of his presence. It is for women who are tired of ho-hum living and want to break the pattern of self-reliance and people pleasing by putting their trust in God alone and living to please him. This personalized study guide, including daily readings, affirmations, and challenges, help you live in the power of God's Word.

Whether you do this with a group of girlfriends or by yourself, the next 30 days can change your life. If you're ready to discover what it looks like to live out real faith every day, open this book and take the challenge.

I dare you.

My Thoughts:
This is a cool devotional book! Debbie Alsdorf has devided this into three important parts. This thirty-day journey starts with the believer's relationship with God and how to focus of the truth of His Word above everything the world has to offer. The next leg of the journey focuses on total surrender of yourself to God. Finally, in surrender to God's will, readers can begin to focus on relationship with others and personal ministry.

All along the way, Alsdorf is explaining key truths of God's word and teaching readers how to make practical application of God's word to their daily life. She talks a lot about changing our focus from ourselves and our circumstances to trusting God and finding points of praise and thankfullness in every situation. I want to share one brief passage that is a great example of the truth Alsdorf shares in her book. Using Phillipians 4 as the day's truth passage she says: Refuse to worry about circumstances or need. Pray instead, giving your current need or relational struggle to God. Receive his peace. Look for good and dwell there. Continually look for the good in every person you know. Practice finding the good in people and dwell on the good parts. Love in contentment and strength. Look to God to supply oll your needs according to his supply. (p. 218)

This would be a fantastic group study, and I think I will wind up using this with the ladies in the rehab facility where I volunteer. It's a neat book!

About the Author:

Debbie Alsdorf is the author of Deeper and A Different Kind of Wild. She is founder of the popular Design4Living Conferences and speaks with Hearts at Home. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and is director of women's ministries at Cornerstone Fellowship, where her Bible study is attended by hundreds of women every week. Alsdorf lives in California


Mocha with Linda said...

I really liked this book.

Kav said...

This sounds really good. I was actually looking for a women's devotional book last week at the Christian bookstore but couldn't decide on what to pick. I may give this a go and do it for the month of August. :-)