Friday, July 30, 2010

God's Mighty Warrior Series by Shelia Walsh - REVIEWED

I recently had a chance to take a look at a precious picture book series by Shelia Walsh. This has been out a while, but it really is a precious series, so I wanted to share it with you! Some of you might have little warriors in your own life that might benefit from this series!

Will is a young boy whose days are filled with adventure and mystery. Shelia Walsh has created a series of stories centered around Will’s experiences entitled “God’s Mighty Warrior.” As Will discovers the wonder and mystery of his daily life, his parents and grandparents take his play-time discoveries and use them as opportunities to teach spiritual truths.

The first book give the series its title, Will God’s Mighty Warrior, and the story gives Will a chance to learn that there are battles that are waged in the heart as well as in the physical world. He also learns about the armor God has designed especially for these daily battles. The series continues in The Mystery of Magillicuddy’s Gold and The Creepy Caves Mystery with Will’s continual spiritual growth becoming more evident as he is able to recognize his own wrong choices, such as disobedience, and ask forgiveness from God in prayer.

Will’s character displays the curiosity, venturing spirit and longing for independence within the heart of every boy. His character is places in the context of a loving family who is careful to guide this zest for life toward God and the truth found in His Word. Using brief, straightforward sentences, Walsh tells each story with a clarity that will make the spiritual truths within the story easy for children to grasp.

Merideth Johnson has illustrated this series with whimsical pictures that accurately capture Will’s spirit. The facial expressions of each character also serves to add depth and emotion to the story in a way young children can easily relate to. This series would be a sound teaching tool for parents to use in the home or in a children’s church setting.

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Kav said...

Thanks for this, Kim. I work in a central library for a Catholic schoolboard and I'm always on the look out for new books that fit into our 'virtue' and 'religious' themed curriculum. I'll definitely check this series out.