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A View from Graham Garrison's Window - Hero's Tribute

Graham Garrison's debut novel, Hero's Tribute, is an amazing tale of courage and grace. Please welcome Graham to my Window as he discusses his novel and the exciting things that God is doing in his life!

Welcome, Graham Garrison!!

Have you ever played football? Served in the military? Where did you gain your inspiration for Michael Gavin’s character?

Never played football or served in the military, but my father was in the military and I was a beat writer for a college football team, so I guess it was experiences on the periphery. Gavin is a combination of stories collected from covering college and high school football, and some family and close friends who served in the military.

You have lived a lot of your life in the southeastern United States . What do you think makes football heroes so legendary in this part of the country? How is it possible that grown men will sit around bragging about football they played thirty years ago?

Football in the South is unique. High school football games are like the epicenter of communities on Friday nights, and college football is almost like mini-nationalism. I think the passion involved is what makes it so vibrant and how heroes and accomplishments can live on for so long.

Next to football, military service is another highly lauded life experience. What drew you to feature the Gulf War? Why did Michael struggle so with not keeping a promise, when it was never his to keep in the first place?

Soldiers, veterans, these folks sacrifice more than we’ll ever know, and even when they return they end up carrying things like guilt and suffering for those who didn’t make it back. Michael’s story includes that.

What/who was your inspiration for Wes’ character? Was a view from a stranger the only way that Talking Creek would ever take an honest look at Michael Gavin’s life?

Wes is a little bit of me, and a little bit of “careerist.” That is, someone who is so intent on getting out of their present situation and “moving up” that they miss relationships and experiences that could have enriched their lives. There are some situations where I’ve regretted that type of mentality, wanting to move on without really investing in where I was, and I thought it matched with a reporter looking at a story in the way Wes did – to advance his career – when it turned out to be something totally different.

Grace - why oh why is this such a difficult concept to grasp? To display in our lives?

It’s a word that used to make my eyes glaze over in church because I heard it so often but didn’t hear many stories that visualized it for me. I think that is what makes it difficult. We hear of God’s grace, but when we’re able to see every day examples of it, that’s when it may resonate a little better. Acts of grace are so powerful that once you experience one it’s hard to ignore or get over.

What is your next writing project? Will we see any more of the characters from Talking Creek?

I do have a sequel mapped out for Hero’s Tribute and a handful of the characters will be involved. I’ve also got the first draft of a supernatural fiction book done that I want to see if there is an audience for. It’s set during the Civil War and incorporates some of the stories of the prophets and puts them in an American history setting.

What exciting things is God doing in your life right now? Any words of encouragement you’d like to share with your readers?

2009 has been a trying year – we’ve lost some loved ones, we’ve had to deal with a hit-and-run and identity theft, my father was diagnosed with cancer – and yet, through it all, God’s love is shining through. We’re expecting our second child in December, and along with my father’s recovery and the release of the book, there is a lot to be grateful for.

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