Monday, November 30, 2009

Saint's Roost by Terry Burns - REVIEWED

I read a LOT of books! When I received my copy of Saint’s Roost I knew only that it was set in the late 1800’s. I came to its pages not realizing what was in store. This precious book was like reading an old timey cowboy movie with a strong Christian theme. Janie Benedict provides an honest, down-to-earth and very direct lead role in the story, and proves to be one of the strongest most resilient characters I’ve encountered in a very long while. Frank and Reuben are the plainest ‘ole cowpokes to grace the pages of a novel, and their dry wit and fearless approach to the wild, wild west was engaging and even humorous at times. The action was easy-going until the very last few chapters, and even then the characters never strayed from their roles, and the story played out in a way that was both suspenseful and satisfying.

Janie Benedict seems to lose everything at the very outset of this story, and while it seems to me she might have been a bit more fearful when Frank and Reuben came upon her in her time of need, I guess she figured at that point she had nothing left to lose anyway. She is very direct and open with her faith throughout the story, and yet her heart remains tender toward God’s direction in her life no matter how foreign the circumstances might become. I wish I could display that same boldness and confidence in my own faith! In short, I really got a kick out of this book. It’s not fancy, edgy, modern or anything else. Saint’s Roost is just a good old-fashioned cowboy tale with God’s grace beautifully woven throughout the story. This was a lovely change of pace and a lot of fun! I am happy to recommend this to my readers!

And if you enjoy old-fashioned cowboy tales, please visit Terry Burns' website. He has a lot to offer!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:(from the author's website)

Terry Burns likes to say he's a fifth generation Irish storyteller that happens to be a fourth generation Texas Teller of Tall Tales. Telling stories comes as natural as breathing. His faith is strong, and often this unique combination produces Christian fiction set against a western canvas. Even when trying to be serious, he finds it hard to keep his subtle West Texas humor out of his writing.

He's loved things western since the days when his Saturdays meant helping his all-time hero, Roy Rogers, rid the world of bad guys. He's plowed and fixed fence and worked cows, and has eaten dirt one minute and been rained on the next. For many years he was the manager for the West of the Pecos Rodeo, billed as the "World's Oldest Rodeo," and said he's thrown his leg over things that didn't want him on their back.

Asked if he's a cowboy, he said, "I don't have a ranch or work regular on one, but being a cowboy is more than wearing boots or a big hat. It has to do with standing good on your word. It's having something down deep in your gut that makes you keep on after others have quit because that's what you're out there for. It's working hard and playing hard and holding up your end no matter what. It's about doing what's right, not because of what some law says or because you're told to, but just because it's what's right."

Terry just can't buy the notion that all Christian fiction is written for female readers and his simple, fast moving writing appeals to male readers, though he admits he has more readers among the ladies. "I don't have a problem with that," he says. "I love to interest one of those pretty ladies in a book, then watch them talk hubby into reading it. You'd be surprised how often that happens."

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