Friday, November 20, 2009

A Hope and a Future - Overcoming Discouragemnet by Don Wilton - REVIEWED

Discouragement is a real problem in today’s society. Rich, poor, old, young…no one is immune. Today’s society demands more time than there are hours in the day, and the pressure to perform and provide often drive people to neglect family and church in order to achieve their “dreams”. Discouragement sneaks into our lives regardless of our circumstances, and unless it is met with the unyielding truth of God’s Word, it poses a dangerous threat to our faith.

Don Wilton’s latest book, A Hope and a Future, very thoughtfully and methodically tackles this topic with chapters that are filled with Biblical truth and sound advice. Wilton’s years in the pulpit shine through in his writing, and the wisdom and comfort he offers his readers does point to a Hope and a Future in Christ Jesus. Wilton talks about practical ways to combat this dangerous enemy such as reaching out to others, taking care of your health, spending time in God’s Word, and refusing to quit amid the dark storms of life. Many of the chapters are not unlike what I imagine his sermon outlines must look like, and take the reader clearly and logically through Scripture to find answers that will truly restore hope and renew their focus on service for Christ.

A Hope and a Future is a much needed tool in the Christian’s spiritual arsenal. If you know someone who is struggling with discouragement, please share this book with them! You can also visit Don Wilton’s website to learn more about his ministry of encouragement and pastorship.

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