Friday, November 27, 2009

Hero's Tribute by Graham Garrison - REVIEWED

“I’m not going to be thumping my chest about what I did when I could be praising God for what He did with me despite myself.” (p. 206)

Michael Gavin’s selfless attitude of praise was one born out of heartache, pain and great loss. Yet it was his attitude of service and forgiveness, hard work and devotion to family and country that made him a hero in the eyes of his small, north-west Georgia town of Talking Creek. A decorated veteran of the Gulf-War and Medal of Honor recipient, Michael was unable to leave the battle-field of cancer victorious. His final request before he died was something that baffled the entire community. Requesting a young sports-beat reporter for the local paper to deliver the eulogy for his funeral proved to be one of the most heroic acts of Michael’s life.

Hero’s Tale is an honest and heart-wrenching story of one small town’s loss and their attempt to rally around a grieving widow and her family. However, like many small south-eastern towns, sometimes there is a blatant unwillingness to take a close look at the whole person after they have left this world – especially if they did a lot of good things while they lived. Sometimes, efforts to hide what is not-so-desirable about a person robs the world of realizing some of God’s richest and most precious blessings.

Michael Gavin’s choice of Wes Watkins to deliver his eulogy proves to be one of Talking Creek’s most amazing and unexpected source of blessing. Wes has an all-out battle on his hands just to uncover the information Michael has left behind for him to share, but he persists despite the opposition. At one point, he thinks that perhaps this small-town hero isn’t at all who he was proclaimed to be. However, as Wes continues to search for truth, he finds far more than he ever dreamed possible.

Hero’s Tribute is a beautiful portrait of God’s grace, and it is certain to cause you to pause and examine your own heart for treasures that may lie buried beneath hurt feelings or unforgiving attitudes. Don’t miss this inspiring story and the opportunity to recognize some of the hero’s in your own life!

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Graham Garrison is the author of two published books – “Hero’s Tribute” and “Groomed: From Proposal To Vows, Wedding Planning And An Engagement From A Groom’s Point of View.” He is currently the managing editor for three magazines published by a healthcare communications company and is also a writer/editor for two other publications. He’s written for almost a half dozen newspapers and two dozen magazines, including America’s Civil War, Boating World, Georgia Physician and Repertoire.

Graham has lived in almost a dozen towns, five states (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Washington) and one army base (Fort Bragg, N.C.). He’s grown roots in Johns Creek, Ga., with his wife Katie, son Nicholas and Baxter the Beagle. He and his family worship at Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church. He is a Florida Gator by birth, but a Georgia Bulldog by the grace of God.

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Just finished this the other day. Great book and review!

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