Friday, August 21, 2009

North! Or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson - MY REVIEW and GIVE AWAY!!

Andrew Peterson’s latest novel, North! Or Be Eaten, starts out at a break-neck pace and never slows down! The throne of the Shining Isle must be restored. Gnag the Nameless and his Fangs of Dang are brutally overtaking everything in their path. Janner, Tink, Leeli and Nugget are running for their lives with the few adults remaining to protect them…Podo, their grandfather, Nia, their mom, and Oscar who was almost fatally wounded in the last battle.

When I say these folks are running for their lives, I am not kidding! This book starts off with evil in hot pursuit of our treasured crew, and the pursuers are as wild as your imagination can possibly be! There are Quill Diggles (UGLY!), Toothy Cows (also UGLY!), Rockroaches (STINKY!), Horned Hounds (DEADLY!), and even a few trolls tossed in for good measure! (this is not a complete list of the critters in this story…they get wilder by the minute!) No matter where these folks turn, danger and evil stand firmly in their paths, and every step of their journey is filled with anxious moments, hard-fought battles, difficult decisions and down-right tortuous emotional situations. But they MUST go North and reach a group of rebel forces if they stand any chance at all of restoring the throne of the Shining Isle and restoring order to the havoc wrecked throughout the land by Gnag the Nameless.

Now folks, fantasy as well-crafted as Andrew Peterson’s makes sense even to this very non-fantasy reader! Quite honestly, if you can get past the kind of spoofy names of the critters in this wild tale, you will wear yourself out trying to read fast enough to keep the characters alive! No kidding! I mean these folks have it rough! I found myself making some comparison to Tolkien in several places, and to me that speaks volumes for this man’s work! Not to mention, my boys actually argued over who got to read it first and begged me to write to the author and ask when the next book in the series would be available. I’d say Mr. Peterson has captured his target market quite well!

So, North! Or Be Eaten! What are you waiting for? DON’T let the Fangs of Dang capture you!! Please! Beware!! They’re in hot pursuit! Run for your lives!!!

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Great review, Kim. Thanks for stopping by my site and letting me know you were posting it.

So glad you liked the book.


Katherine said...

This book looks very interesting. Please enter me for this drawing.