Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller - Coming in September!

Although Kathleen Fuller is the author of several books, her latest novel, A Man of His Word, has been my introduction to her work. This novel is set among the Amish people and features Moriah Byler as one of the main characters. Moriah is newly married and, unknown to her husband of only four months, newly pregnant. On the very eve of her precious announcement of their upcoming parenthood, Moriah receives word that her husband Levi has chosen to leave the Amish faith and his new marriage for a life of freedom among the Englishers. Devastated and alone, Moriah faces a very uncertain future.

Gabriel, Moriah’s brother-in-law, is struggling as well, because he has loved Moriah in secret for many years. To watch her suffer because of his brother’s selfish and immoral behavior is almost more than he can stand. When he confronts Levi, Gabriel learns the depth of his brother’s waywardness and makes some choices of his own that prove to be troublesome in their own right. Gabriel’s feelings for Moriah look at relationship from an entirely different angle, and they complicate things immensely when the entire family is faced with an unexpected tragedy.

The subplot that is interwoven among the events of the Miller household involves Moriah’s brother and another young lady in the community, Rachel. It seems Rachel’s tomboy days have left her with lots of male friends but little romance to satisfy her as she reaches marriageable age. Rachel winds up caught between two different relationships that prove to be frustrating, confusing and completely unexpected causing her to re-examine her own heart and her intentions toward those she cares about.

The cover of Kathleen Fuller’s novel indicates that this must be the first of a series entitled A Hearts of Middlefield. She has created a rather large cast of characters in A Man of His Word leaving plenty of room to expand upon the lives of the many people introduced in the story. This is not a complicated story and focuses almost entirely on a variety of romantic relationships between members of the community. The faith message is kept in the forefront as well as the character’s stubborn insistence to muddle up every situation with their own desires rather than going to God with their burdens. For those who enjoy Amish stories, I think they will be well-satisfied with this new series.

This novel is soon to release from Thomas Nelson. Please visit their website to learn more about Kathleen Fuller's novel, A Man of His Word.

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Phoebe said...

Thanks Kim for reviewing A Man of His Word. I'm glad you liked the story, and enjoyed it enough to recommend it. Thanks again!