Sunday, August 16, 2009

Letting Go by Sandy Hancock - Give Away!

Balloons and streamers! Having joy in our hearts. Finding satisfaction in life. Discovering the picture of happiness we have in our minds. These are things we all pursue. But what path does this pursuit take us on?

There are many choices in life. Travel with Sandy as she leads us on her journey to find hope and what she discovered to be the pathway to an amazing life.

Excerpts . . . (provided by the publisher)

"You may have heard it said that “life is a bowl of cherries.” So you wonder why you were left with the pits. Life can be hard and often is not fair. Sometimes the pain can be as overwhelming as standing on the sand at a beach and being hit by a huge wave. Your heart cries out in agony, yet no one hears."

"Choices--some I had made were good but too many led to a kind of disorienting pain. I believed I was walking down the path I should have been on. Yet life did not seem to go as I expected, or at least not what I had hoped. My dreams were not coming true. Why was life so hard?"

"This pattern of feeling lonely and finding relief with a new relationship followed me much of my life. I had a desire to have the type of family once again that I had known as a child. I wanted to be loved and to give love. I desired to belong somewhere and to feel safe. These are all good desires--desires that God created us to have.

However, I did not realize these desires had become more important to me than my relationship with God. Instead of first seeking His desires for me, I selfishly sought what I wanted, relegating God to the fringes of my life. I wanted God on my own terms and was convinced that in order to be loved I had to do things my own way, not God’s way. I had become trapped in a faulty way of thinking."

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Sandy Hancock has been a student of God’s word since childhood. From first grade into college, with the exception of two years, she attended a Christian school in which she had daily Bible study. Throughout life she has studied the Bible in her personal reading, Bible study groups as well as regularly attending church. She has also been a student in the School of Hardknocks. Life has offered many lessons. Some have been more painful than others. These lessons brought her a greater understanding of who God is and His love. As she walks with the Lord He brings her wisdom and knowledge.

She decided to become a writer after a “wilderness experience” occurred in her life. A “wilderness experience” is a time of hardship in which there is nothing we can do to help ourselves; a time in which there is no other choice but to let go and trust God. At this point she completely surrendered her life to the Lord. She let go of making decisions based on what she wanted and started making decisions based on what she believes glorifies the Lord. The Lord changed her life and set her on a path that has led to joy and contentment. Now she wants to share what she has discovered on this path.

She was born in Anaheim, California on September 1, 1961. As a child, she lived in Fullerton, California until her ninth grade year at which time she moved to Durant, Oklahoma. She currently lives in Southern California and has two sons named David and Jeremiah. She attended Fresno State University and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business in 1998. Also in 1998 she earned a Toastmaster Competent Communicator award. She has worked in sales in the real estate, advertising and insurance industries. She has also taught at Mount San Jacinto Community College, Menifee, CA


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