Monday, April 20, 2009

The Reluctant Cowgirl by Christine Lynxwiler

“Death with God was just the beginning of a journey. But life without God was no life at all. “(p. 248)

The Reluctant Cowgirl has been my introduction to yet another new author, and folks…Christine Lynxwiler can write one fantastic romance! The Reluctant Cowgirl is a stage set with several realistic, yet difficult circumstances. Crystal McCord and Jeremy Buchanan are the stars of the show, and both are trying to re-discover their purpose after life has dealt them some painfully tragic blows.

Christine Lynxwiler must have a great grasp on God’s long-suffering with His children, because it is beautifully reflected in the lives of her main characters. As Jeremy and Crystal struggle, the events of their lives begin to reveal the truth of God’s love through the hands and feet of the local church and the unfailing support of a close-knit family. The relationship between these two broken hearts begins with a very solid and believable friendship, and the reader enjoys many breathless discoveries and anxious moments as the story and the relationship deepen.

Crystal’s spiritual insecurity is a true reflection of the fear and hurt experienced following a tragic and sudden loss. Jeremy’s spiritual battle against hate and bitterness is also a realistic emotional picture of someone on the receiving end of an addict’s irrational behavior. Christine Lynxwiler masterfully blends these two stories to create characters you can’t help but love. She also creates a small-town feeling of home and family that is equally irresistible. The Reluctant Cowgirl is a real winner of a novel, and the ending leaves the reader both challenged and encouraged!

I really enjoyed this story, and I am happy to recommend it to you! Visit the author’s website to learn more about her work!

Elyse's story--Cowgirl at Heart--is next in the McCord Sisters series. Elyse is the shy dog trainer/groomer who is afraid of cows, along with everything else. Unless a dog is in danger, then she risks her life without thought. And that's what she's doing when Andrew Stone, a drifter with a painful past of his own, finds her on the wrong side of a pistol and has to rescue her. There are three books in the McCord Sisters series (redheaded Kaleigh's story is third in Cowgirls Don't Cry.) Then comes the McCord Brothers series with three currently untitled books featuring Matthew, Luke, and Chance. And of course, Aaron and Bree, as well as the whole family, will show up in all the books.

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