Saturday, April 4, 2009

First the Dead by Tim Downs - MY REVIEW

“A father is more than a man, he’s a symbol of something larger – a reminder that the universe is a safe place to live – that someone out there loves you, and that things will turn out alright in the end.” (p. 356 )

Nick Polchak is the coolest guy I know! Too bad he only lives on the pages of Tim Downs’ Bug Man novels! First the Dead is a story that takes place on the eve of and within the first few days of Hurricane Katrina making landfall. Nick is called to the area as part of the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT), and while his orders are “first the living,” he can’t help but take a peek beneath the destruction and wee if Katrina was responsible for all of the dead bodies. He finds a great deal more than he bargained for!!

Nick’s first successful rescue is a young man bearing the auspicious name of James Terrebonne Walker – affectionately known as J.T. Nick is able to rescue him by promising to help him find his father. As it turns out, J.T. has hawk-like vision and is able to point Nick in the direction of some bodies whose souls departed before Katrina ever made landfall. Once his interest is peaked, there is no turning back!

Dr. Beth Woodbridge – a psychiatrist deployed with DMORT – seems to have an unusual interest in making sure Nick follows the rules. She seems to dog his every move at first, but it isn’t long before she becomes a partner in Nick’s macabre search for answers. What is really going on beneath the murky waters of this flooded city? Who can be trusted? Who indeed will survive?

First the Dead is a heart-stopping ride through a true disaster, and you will NOT be able to put this book down! Nick Polchack’s acidic humor shines in its full glory and will draw many a laugh! My favorite in this story? On page 271 Nick says to Beth, “Do you know the difference between a criminal and a husband? A criminal has the right to remain silent.” Hilarious!! The Bug Man novels are at the top of my favorite’s list! Check them out! You can read my review of Less Than Dead here, as well as my interview with this fantastic author here!

Oh, and don't forget to check out Tim's website for news about the upcoming release of the next Bug Man novel, Ends of the Earth!


Scrambled Dregs said...

I LOVE Bug Man books. Oh, I'm so sad that I didn't know this was up for review. : (. I'm going to be hunting this down.

SmilingSally said...

I've never read this author, but he sounds like my kinda guy.