Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beyond This Moment by Tamera Alexander

“God never leans over the balcony of heaven and gasps.” (p. 100)

I’m so very, very glad that God can never be surprised by the foolishness of His children. More than that, I hope I never get over the wonder of how much I have been forgiven and how deeply I am loved by my Father. Tamara Alexander knows this precious truth, and she has woven it throughout the heart of her latest story, Beyond This Moment.

Dr. Molly Whitcomb is a rarity in many ways. Her education, her intelligence and her love for literature and languages set her dramatically apart from almost every woman her age. She arrives in Timber Ridge, Colorado under a cloud of duress that only she can see. Hiding behind the glowing picture painted of her arrival as the new school mistress, Molly determines to make the best of what is certain to become a very ugly situation.

What Molly could never have known and little suspected was that the people of Timber Ridge would throw wide their arms and the doors of their hearts and make her feel such a vital part of their community. She becomes particularly intrigued by Sheriff James McPherson. Like Molly, the sheriff holds a few secrets close to his own heart, and he too labors beneath a burden whose presence only he can feel. Drawn together in a very dramatic and dangerous way, Molly and James begin a very tenuous friendship that seems destined to grow and deepen.

There are many people and many stories revealed as you get to know the citizens of Timber Ridge. Some of the characters you will recognize from the first book in the Timber Ridge Reflections series, From a Distance. There are also many deep-seated ideas and prejudices that come to light and that are dealt with very honestly and realistically. All in all, I think Beyond This Moment is the most breathtaking story yet to have come from Tamara Alexander’s heart. God’s grace, His mercy, and His boundless sea of forgiveness shine like the Colorado stars on a clear winter night, and the beauty of friendship, the true hearts of God’s people and the kiss of breathless romance draw you in with spellbinding beauty.

Beyond This Moment is a jewel of a story, and one that will linger in your heart long after the last page. Don’t miss this poignant, beautiful story! It’s an amazing reflection of God’s love!

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