Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boneman's Daughters by Ted Dekker! It's HERE!!


“I trust that he will do whatever love demands he do for the sake of his daughter.” (Father Hortense, p. 227)

There are two things I can tell you about Boneman’s Daughters, one thing I can tell you for certain. Dekker’s writing is strong and compelling, and for his first title published by a secular publisher it’s not any more violent or disturbing than some of his previous work. In fact, Boneman’s Daughters cleverly introduces and invites exploration of several truths about who Christ is and about the Scriptural fulfillment of His crucifixion In a style unique to Ted Dekker, he has just hit another homerun.

Boneman’s Daughters takes the reader into the dark abyss of the psychologically disturbed human mind. The father of Boneman’s latest victim, Ryan Evans, is suffering severe post-traumatic stress resulting from his capture by Islamic Radicals while serving as Commander for a joint-operational counterintelligence unit. Celine and Bethany, the wife and daughter Ryan abandoned for his military career, are suffering their own mental and emotional trials as they seek to find love and acceptance outside the normal family unit. Ricki Valentine is an FBI agent whose most sadistic serial killer has just been released…or rather she must determine if the real criminal was ever captured in the first place. There is much trauma, much angst, much pain among this group of characters, and all of them will soon have one thing in common…Boneman.

And who is this elusive killer? Why is he seeking the perfect daughter? What drives him to finally break his pattern and eliminate victims outside his normal choice of beautiful young women? Throughout the journey the reader must ponder the parent/child relationship and what it means to truly love someone. What sacrifice does love ultimately require? Is it a price you are willing to pay? The answers lie within the pages of Ted Dekker’s latest release…Boneman’s Daughters.

(This title does contain mild language)

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