Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wind Dancer by Jamie Carie

That You Cannot Imagine – Isabelle Renoir! I have never read such a passionately written novel! Wind Dancer is a book with characters that leap from the pages and reach into the deepest recesses of your heart and mind! Isabelle Renoir is such a wild and rugged worshipper before her God that my own faith longed to dance before the Lord in the moonlight! I held my breath with Samuel Holt as he crept through the forest stalking his prey! Truly, Jamie Carie has created a novel with such strong, vibrant characters that you will feel their every joy, their crushing pain, their glorious praise!

Set amid the rugged American frontier, Wind Dancer was my introduction to Jamie Carie’s work. I am still reeling from the pure satisfaction of this novel! She brought pre-Revolutionary War America and its vast frontiers to life vividly and completely. I was transported in every sense! Jamie took my heart and mind from the fierce patriotism of the new Americans to the wild savagery of the Shawnee with seamless ease! I still shudder to recall the attack in the frontier home and the running of the gauntlet!

The truest joy to me was this wonderful, vibrant true-faith of the characters – especially Hope and Isabelle – so gloriously and naturally interwoven throughout the story. Truly, God is I AM for all of us today just as He was in the hearts of those who forges our nation so many years ago! And the romance!! Dear Reader, there are scenes in this book that will leave you breathless! Wind Dancer encapsulates the best of everything a book should be!

Jamie Carie, Wind Dancer is a jewel in your crown! I will eagerly await your stories and highly recommend them as long as God gives you words to write! Wind Dancer reflects the deep love you have for the Giver of all stories, and reflects that love with wild abandon! Truly, this is a story not to be missed – to be savored and shared!

Wind Dancer will be available at your local retailer on January 1st, and can be ordered on CBD, Amazon and from B&H now. What a terrific way to begin a new year of reading!!

And please, visit Jamie Carie's website to learn more about her terrific novels!

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jamie carie said...

Thanks so much for the incredible review of Wind Dancer!! Your words meant so much to me! I will link to your blog on my blog post tomorrow, if you don't mind :-)
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Jamie Carie