Friday, December 26, 2008

A Special Author - a Special Blessing - Mike Delloso

You know, one of the most wonderful and rewarding gifts I've received from blogging book reviews is the gift of relationship. I not only enjoy other bloggers and book reviewers, but I get an opportunity to get to know the authors as well. Many authors maintain their own blogs and websites, and they share their own lives with their readers.

Mike Delloso has been a particular blessing to me since I read his debut novel The Hunted. Not long before his book released, he was diagnosed with colon cancer, and he has shared this journey with his readers on his blog. His posts have been such a sweet testimony of God's faithfulness! In Mike's last newsletter, he included a short story entitled The Final Chapter that reflects his recent struggles with cancer. It is a wonderfully written piece that will cause you to pause and consider what is really true and good in life - especially in the face of difficulty.

I would encourage everyone to take time to visit Mike's website and blog. Get to know him. Pray for him. Visit the websites and blogs of any of your favorite authors and encourage them in their writing journey. Enjoy the short stories along the way while you wait for their next novel to be released. Enjoy the relationship with fellow Christians as we all share this journey of life - worshipping and serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mike will release his second novel, Scream, soon! I can't wait!!

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Mike Dellosso said...

Hey, Kim, thanks for mentioning me and my books on your blog. You've been such a blessing to me with all your encouraging comments and prayers. Thank you! I'm very excited about this next one, SCREAM. It has such a great message and I'm hoping and praying it will touch many lives.