Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hannah Grace by Sharlene MacLaren - My Review

Ooooohh!! I didn’t get my book in time to post this review on its FIRST day, but I jumped right in when it finally arrived! Sharlene MacLaren is truly writing stories that will take your heart on a fine emotional ride!! Hannah Grace is just the berries!!

Hannah Grace Kane is the oldest of the three Kane daughters, and it seems she and the local doctor will be tying the knot pretty soon! Gabe Devlin is the new sheriff in town, and it seems he has picked up a young waif of a man – mute from some past terror, and his first job upon arrival in Sandy Shores Michigan is to find out who is responsible for this homeless child. Not too far away, the McCurdy gang is searching for the only witness to their latest and deadliest crime. Slowly and ever so purposefully, Sharlene MacLaren weaves the threads of these lives together. The result??? Amazing!

You will adore the Kane family from the outset, and Gabe’s blue eyes will give you a fit of the vapors! Your heart will melt as the silent child Gabe discovers at the beginning of the story blossoms into a young man whose nightmares slowly turn into hope-filled dreams. Hannah Grace herself is a young woman tying to understand her own faith and puzzling over the mystery of trying to understand God’s will for her personal life. Truly, this story just draws you in and captivates your heart and imagination completely!

Sharlene MacLaren brings the past alive, and shares spiritual insight along the way that is timeless. I loved this book and am so glad I had the opportunity to read it! Please, pick up your own copy today! Visit Sharlene's website to learn more about her fabulous books! You can look here to read the first chapter of Hannah Grace.

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Wow amazing. Sherene MacLaren sounds like an author I need to check out. Your blog is impressive; where do you get the time to read and review all these books? Wow, great work!