Thursday, July 3, 2008

F.I.R.S.T Wildcard Presents Beyond the Night by Marlo Schalesky

ABOUT THE BOOK (from the publisher)
They say love is blind. This time they’re right…

As a woman lies unconscious in a hospital bed, her husband waits beside her, urging her to wake up and come home. Between them lies an ocean of fear and the tenuous grip of memories long past. Memories of wonder. Of love. Memories of a girl named Madison and a boy named Paul…

Madison Foster knew she was going blind. But she didn’t want pity–not from her mother, not from her roommate, and especially not from her best friend Paul–the man she secretly loved.

Paul Tilden knew a good thing when he saw it. And a good thing was his friendship with Maddie Foster. That is, until he started to fall in love.

With the music of the seventies as their soundtrack and its groovy fashions as their scenery, Maddie and Paul were drawn together and driven apart. Then one night changed everything…forever.

And only now, when life tiptoes past the edge of yesterday, along the rim of today, can they glimpse the beauty that awaits them…beyond the night.


“Don’t worry man. It’ll be alright. You just need to trust Jesus and do your part.”

“What’s my part?”

“I dunno. But it ain’t His part. Leave His part to Him. You do that and I’m betting you’ll know what your part is too.” (pages 248 – 249)

There is a love greater than all of our earthly sorrow. Christ’s love sustains us beyond circumstances we cannot understand nor make it through without Him. In many ways, even though we gain spiritual sight when we trust Him as Savior, we still depend on His strong hand to guide us through the darkness of our lives. For only He can see tomorrow, and we have to take hold of His hand and follow – even when we can’t see and we don’t understand.

Marlo Schalesky has written a love story that will leave you in tears. It will leave your heart tender. It will leave you thankful that you have a Savior who loves you even when you don’t trust Him enough to bring you through difficult circumstances. I have been blessed to witness a great love story like the one Marlo writes about in her book. My grandparents shared such a love. Truly, it is God’s greatest gift to us this side of eternity. Read this story…and remember how much God loves you! You will remember this story long after you finish the final page!

Go HERE to read an excerpt!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: (from the author's website)
Marlo Schalesky is the award winning author of six books, including her latest novel, Beyond the Night, which combines a love story with a surprise ending twist to create a new type of novel that she hopes will impact readers at their deepest levels. Marlo’s other books include Veil of Fire, a novel about finding hope in the fires of life, Empty Womb, Aching Heart- Hope and Help for Those Struggling with Infertility, and Cry Freedom.

She’s had over 600 articles published in various Christian magazines, including Today’s Christian Woman, Decision, Moody Magazine, and Discipleship Journal. She has contributed to Dr. Dobson’s Night Light Devotional for Couples, Tyndale’s Book of Devotions for Kids #3, and Discipleship Journal’s 101 Small Group Ideas. She is a speaker and a regular columnist for Power for Living.

Marlo is also a California native, a small business owner, and a graduate of Stanford University (with a B.S. in Chemistry!). In addition, she has recently earned her Masters in Theology, with an emphasis in Biblical Studies, from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Marlo lives with her husband and four young daughters in a log home in Central California.

When she’s not changing diapers, doing laundry, or writing books, Marlo loves Starbucks white mochas, reading the New Testament in Greek, and speaking to groups about finding the deep places of God in the disappointments of life.

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