Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Coming Unglued by Rebeca Seitz

In February of this year, Rebeca Seitz introduced the world to the Sinclair sisters – Tandy, Kendra, Joy and Meg. Set in a small town in Tennessee, the story of these four sisters’ lives creates a series called Sister’s Ink. The second book in the series, Coming Unglued features Kendra, and oh, what a story she has to share! This is the best blend of chick lit and contemporary Christian fiction you’ll ever find, and I’m so excited to share this book with you!

Kendra is struggling. It seems her past is whispering lies into her heart and mind, and she finds herself in a very emotionally volatile place. God has introduced her to a wonderful Christian man named Darrin, who seems to be totally crazy about her. Yet her poor choices in the past have created a pattern of lies and secrecy that has led her step by step into another relationship that threatens her faith, her family ties and someone’s marriage. Kendra’s story is an agonizing and beautiful picture of the emotional/mental war our sinful flesh must wage with our new spirit in Christ.

I love the closeness of the sisters in this series! I love the way they support and rally around each other no matter how ugly the situation becomes. During this story, Kendra’s choices impact all of their lives. In the process, they must learn when to intervene and when to back away and let each other grow – even if it means suffering painful consequences. Rebeca deals with some very sensitive issues that all of us are familiar with, and what I think is most thought provoking is that she clearly shows how our fleshly thoughts do battle with the Holy Spirit’s voice in our lives. She takes us step by painful step down the path of rationalizing bad choices, and then shows us how God works to reveal Himself to us and lovingly show us where we made a wrong turn.

Kendra’s story is a painful one. Forgiveness and repentance are not easy tasks, and she clearly learns that sometimes the biggest messes in our lives are the result of believing a lie from our past rather than clinging to the truth of God’s love. There is a statement on page 241 that sums up a lot of what this story is about; “…human beings can’t heal other human beings. They can only introduce each other to the Healer.” Join the Sinclair sisters as they bring Kendra through a time of healing. You’ll be so glad you did!! This is a series you simply shouldn’t miss!
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