Wednesday, July 2, 2008

CFBA presents Love Starts with Elle by Rachel Hauck

She's the last of five sisters to find true love. So, when Elle Garvey's wide receiver-turned-pastor boyfriend, Jeremiah Franklin, proposes, she answers an enthusiastic, "Yes." Until . . . she discovers the engagement comes with unexpected sacrifices.But every relationship requires compromise, and as Jeremiah takes on a large Dallas pastorate, Elle's life purpose and calling is challenged. As she stays behind in Beaufort, South Carolina to plan the wedding and sell her beloved art gallery, doubt shadows her engagement decision.Meanwhile, New York lawyer Heath McCord needs a change of scenery and moves with his young daughter to the low-country with dreams of starting over and writing a novel.As Heath renews his hope and heart, Elle's life begins to unravel. Crushed when Jeremiah ends their engagement, she heals morning by morning, praying in a dilapidated chapel, searching for passion and purpose.In the midst of crisis, God's love ignites her heart, and as her friendship with Heath blooms into love, Elle understands beauty always rises from the ashes.

Many times in life our hearts will wrestle between what we want and what God wants for us. Many times God must remove something from us so that we may clearly see and understand that His plans are always designed for our good and His glory. Often, we choose our own path only to find that God, in His goodness and mercy - and in His time - redeems our wrong choices and creates something more wonderful than we could ever imagine.

I honestly believe Rachel hauck has written a book that beautifully tells a story of God's perfect love filtered through the broken hearts, shattered dreams and painful consequences found in the lives of her characters. I was delighted to discover some of the same folks in Loves Starts With Elle that I loved so much in Sweet Caroline! In Love Starts with Elle, Rachel Hauck brings Elle to the forefront of the story as she struggles to find God's plan for her life after her own dreams have been stripped away. During this time, God brings a grieving widower and a powerful prayer warrior into Elle's life, and slowly but surely her goals and dreams begin to turn in a new direction. In the mean time, Elle's sister Julliane is facing her own wrong choices head on, and as she watches Elle struggle, the Lord begins to awaken hope of redemption in her life as well.

Rachel Houck writes this tender story with words as warm and fragrant as a plate of Bubba's Buttery Biscuits at the Frogmore Cafe. The message will melt into your mind and warm your heart, and you will discover the same truth that Elle eventually finds in her own life: "(God) had always been with her - now and then - in the moments of darkness, in the times of light, when she doubted, and when she believed." (p. 319) Go ahead and purchase your own copy here today and enjoy this wonderful story yourself!


Rachel Hauck is a graduate of Ohio State University, and is a former software trainer. She published her first novel in 2004. Rachel lives in central Florida with her husband, Tony, a youth pastor. Please visit her website here today to learn more about this terrific author and all of her great books!

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