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Rachel Hauck's Sweet Caroline...don't miss it!

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Sweet Caroline
(Thomas Nelson February 12, 2008

Rachel Hauck


I graduated from Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!) with a degree in Journalism. As a member of Phi Mu sorority, I partied my way though the last few years of college.

But, the truth is, and always will be, I belong to Jesus. At the age of six, I knelt at the altar of a Tulsa Methodist church and gave my life to the One who loves me.

After graduation, hired on at Harris Publishing as a software trainer, determined to see the world. And I did it without a laptop, a cell phone, an IPod or portable DVD player. Those were hard times.

But, I traveled to Ireland, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, Canada and the U.S. from California to Maine. But, life on the road is difficult. Working twelve to fourteen hour days, one doesn't get to see many of the sites. In Ireland, our company's distributor drove me around at night so I could see something of Dublin.

I met Tony, my husband, in '87, at church, of all places. We got married in '92. Tony has been a pastor for twenty years. I've worked with him in eighteen of those twenty. Our heart is to see teens and adults passionate, radical and whole hearted for Jesus.

Tony and I don't have any children of our own, lots of kids-in-the-Lord and we love them all. However, we do have a very spoiled dog, and an even more spoiled cat.

I've always wanted to be a writer. My dad used to tell me, "You're a writer." I have letters he wrote me post college, exhorting me to write. In this, I believe he had the heart of God.

In '93, I started an epic WW2 novel with two plots. It was well rejected. After that ordeal, I took a break and put efforts into my job as a software project manager. But, I missed writing and in late ' 99, I took up the craft again.

With a little help from my friends, my first book was published in ' 04, Lambert's Pride, a romance novel. I love writing chick lit and romance. I love writing. What an honor.

Rachel has several other books that have been received with great praise, including Diva Nash Vegas and Lost In Nash Vegas

You can purchase copies of Rachel's books, signed personally for you,
at this site: Signed by the


When I picked this book up, I was intrigued by the cover. I knew there was a romance coming, and I knew I was going to hear a new author’s voice tell me a story. Now, since I’m a Southern girl, the South Carolina setting was comfortable and familiar. The characters I recognized right away from similar folks in my own life experience. Caroline, the main character, was so eager to try and help out in any situation, that I readily identified the same tendencies in my own life. (ouch!) Apparently I am some 10 (maybe 15) years older than Caroline, so my perspective was a bit different, but the story grabbed my interest, and I found myself eagerly waiting to find out what came next for this young lady and her eclectic group of café workers.

Caroline is a young lady who is familiar with loss. She and her brother lost her mother early in life, yet they grew and flourished under their dad’s loving guidance. Her brother has become a strong businessman, and Caroline unexpectedly finds herself as the owner of a local, somewhat historical lowcountry café. So what does a young woman with meager financial means do with a café in sore need of restoration? You will be amazed!

Now, as Caroline and her café crew stumble through their first months after the owner’s death and face a series of interesting and sometimes hilarious challenges, there is plenty of romance going on in Caroline’s personal life. As a hometown girl, Caroline maintains a healthy network of girlfriends, and these ladies share everything from their wardrobe to their faith. Through these friendships, Caroline is introduced to some genuine day-to-day relationships with Christ. It is through these examples of God’s faithfulness and friendship Caroline begins to experience her own spiritual awakening. The genuine warmth and raw emotion among Caroline’s friendships ring true throughout the story, and her own doubts and fears about God and His personal relationship with His creation are very believable. It was exciting to watch this part of Caroline’s life unfold throughout the novel.

Rachel Hauck throws in a lot of unexpected plot twists into her story, and I was genuinely entertained right up to the end. I love a book that can grab your heartstrings, and the ending…well, keep some tissue handy! I think we’ll be hearing more from Caroline in the not-to-distant future, so please visit Rachel’s website and stay up-to-date on her latest books. I think you will really enjoy this one! I sure did!

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