Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Just Have to share a great book I read this weekend!

I have been a fan of Nancy Atherton's Aunt Dimity books for years! This latest edition is truly superb, and I just had to share it with you! Granted, it's not labeled Christian fiction, but the stories are family centered, and are highly entertaining! I highly recommend them - this one particularly!

This delightful new addition to Nancy Atherton’s Aunt Dimity mystery series features Lori Shepherd at her best – or maybe her worst. It seems that the beginning of her twin sons’ school years has Lori’s imagination working overtime! Is that a germ? Did a train car full of chlorine gas explode? Will my son catch fleas from his classmates? Are my neighbors hiding a psychotic pseudo vampire in their attic? Aunt Dimity has her work cut out for her in this cozy mystery as she tries to guide Lori through the first weeks of sending her babes into the big bad world beyond their nursery!

Every time I read one of Nancy Atherton’s novels featuring the paranormal journaling of Aunt Dimity and the misadventures of Lori Shepherd and her English friends, I have to wonder what lies beyond the rustle of the next page! Atherton has a brilliant way of turning everyday events into a roaring adventure, and she does it with such warmth and grace that you don’t realize you’ve been holding your breath until you finally release it over the last cup of steaming hot tea! There were a LOT of twists in her latest story, and I truly found myself slack-jawed by the time I reached the last page!

I’ve come to adore Lori Shepherd and the English countryside thanks to Nancy! I take great comfort in the fact that Lori’s twins are only 5-years-old, and the fact that I have many more adventures to look forward to! I can’t wait to see which one of them inherits their mother’s other worldly relationship with Aunt Dimity! In short Nancy, write faster! This book was EXCELLENT!! For Cozy Mysteries at their finest, check out all of Nancy Atherton’s great books here!

You can purchase your own copy here today!

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Scrambled Dregs said...

I belong to the Dear Reader Mystery Book Club where I get to read a section of a book every day. I found an Aunt D. chapter there that is going to send me looking for her books. She's got a great voice. As a matter of fact, I'm finding other authors I like there, too. Let me know if you want the link.