Thursday, March 20, 2008

Courting Emma - a beautiful book by Sharlene MacLaren

I have the wonderful opportunity to introduce Courting Emma to you! Sharlene MacLaren's latest addition to the Little Hickman Creek series will be available in April, so don't miss it!! This is really a very special book!

I love a book that totally transports me back in time and removes me to a place and a people that I come to love and care about! Sharlene MacLaren has done just that in her book, Courting Emma! Although I’ve not read the first two books in the Little Hickman Creek Series, I have truly come to love Little Hickman, Kentucky and I hope to make repeat visits!

Sharlene MacLaren takes two very different people, Miss Emma Browning and Pastor Johnathan Atkins and casts them as lead characters in her story. At first, the reader cannot imagine any two people more different, but the story tenderly reveals that their pasts are more similar than even the two of them knew. Sharlene MacLaren tells this story so beautifully and tenderly that it is easy to understand God’s grace and mercy in every circumstance of our lives. Jon Atkins becomes God’s hands and feet in the community and he shows Christ to them in a way so real that God’s love becomes irresistible to many on whom the town had given up – Emma’s father Ezra among them.

I don’t want to give anything at all away in this tender love story. I will say that Sharlene deals with many issues like loving the unlovable, forgiving those who have hurt us, reaching out to those in need….timeless issues that are gentle reminders to all of God’s children. I loved the way she used God’s word to speak to the hearts of Little Hickman and I love the way each situation was bathed in prayer – knowingly or not. This really is a very special book, and I highly recommend it to everyone! What a testament to God’s love and grace!! Thank you, Sharlene, from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to reading your books for a very long time!

Please visit Sharlene's site and check out all of her terrific books!

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