Monday, April 16, 2012

The Voice New Testament published by Thomas Nelson - REVIEWED & GIVE AWAY

About this Translation: (from Thomas Nelson Publishing)
The Voice™  Bible translation is a faithful dynamic translation of the Scriptures done as a collage of compelling narratives, poetry, song, truth, and wisdom. The Voice calls the reader to step into the whole story of Scripture and experience the joy and wonder of God’s revelation. Created for and by a church in great transition, The Voice uniquely represents collaboration among scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets, and other artists, giving great attention to the beauty of the narrative. The heart of The Voice is retelling the story of the Bible in a form as fluid as modern literary works yet remaining painstakingly true to the original manuscripts. This translation promotes the public reading of longer sections of Scripture—followed by thoughtful engagement with the biblical narrative in its richness and fullness and dramatic flow.
This is an updated and revised version of the New Testament edition, now at an even more affordable price.
Features include:
  • Italicized information added to help contemporary readers understand what the original readers would have known intuitively
  • In-text commentary notes include cultural, historical, theological, or devotional thoughts
  • Screenplay format, ideal for public readings and group studies
  • Book introductions
My Thoughts:
This translation read easily, and it is structured much like any book with the dialogue inset like a manuscript of a drama/play.  That feature alone makes Jesus' interaction with the people to whom He ministered seem very personal and intimate. That is perhaps my favorite feature of  this translation.  I also appreciate the social context being explained at the beginning of each chapter.

The thing I liked least about this translation is the "opions" of the authors inset within the text.  While some of them are needed explation, others seem to cast doubt and dispersion on what is taking place in the text of the Bible.  One instance, the "opion" began with the words, "If this is true...."  WHAT?? This is the Bible!! All of it is true.  That, I had a real problem with. How in the world are people who doubt the truth of God's Word involved in creating a new translation?! Bizarre.

So, if you are looking for something easy to read and follow, The Voice is a good translation. And I think new believers would perhaps benefit from this introduction to God's Word with appropriate caution made to whomever introduced it to them.  The Bible stands totally true and doesn't need the "opions" of other inserted within the text.

I have an extra copy to GIVE AWAY! You can form you own opinion about this new version. It had been well received, and I like a lot of it, but not as a whole. Please leave you contact information to be entered in the give away.

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