Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Happy Husband Cookbook - Reviewed


This is a self-published cook book, but it is filled with recipes that will make your mouth water!  No wonder the author named it The Happy Husband cookbook! Hearty recipes filled with all sorts of yummy combinations of ingredients - what's not to love?  Each recipe contains items that are usually in my pantry, and that makes this an easy cookbook to go to when I need a fresh idea.  I also like the "food facts" scattered throughout the book! The illustrations are whimsical and entertaining, and all in all it's a really great cookbook.

If you menu has gotten in a rut, and your husband is a meat and potatoes guy who enjoys a hearty meal, then this is a cookbook that must be part of your collection! Breakfast...Appetizers and Dips....Salads and Dressings...Bread...Soup...Main Dishes...Meatless Main Dishes...Vegtable sides, Sauces and More...Desserts...she covers everything!!

So come on ladies! Make your husband...your entire family ...happy and pick up a copy of this very good cookbook!

ISBN# 978-0-9834882-0-0
Tin Boot Publishing

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