Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Former NFL Player Releases Debut Title; Available Today #REHABTIME GLOBAL INFLUENCER TRENT SHELTON


Los Angeles, Calif. (May 7, 2019) – Trent Shelton, former NFL wide receiver turned one of the most impactful and influential voices on positivity of today’s generation, releases his debut book “The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose” today via Thomas Nelson/HarperCollins.

A college football standout, Shelton seemed to have it all together -- until everything fell apart. Life seemed without hope until he discovered the secret to finding promise in the darkest times. “Becoming the greatest me became my mission, and I dedicated myself to becoming nothing less,” says Shelton. “Taking my life to the next level was no longer an option; it was a must.”

As he continued to work on himself, Shelton started tweeting about it with the hashtag #RehabTime, recording his transformation through two-minute videos under the same name. The engaging, hard-hitting, yet always uplifting messages seemed to resonate with people across the globe and quickly gained popularity, earning him the largest following of any motivational speaker on social media with a weekly online audience of 50 million plus and over 1 billion video views to date. Now, for the first time ever, Shelton is putting those messages in writing with “The Greatest You.”

“Even though your story may have some bad chapters in it, it can still end well,” says Shelton. But you’re going to have to be real with yourself before you can discover the best version of yourself, the version you were meant to be. It all starts with you.”

“The Greatest You” provides a revolutionary tool kit for transforming life and reaching goals and provides necessary steps to help others face the reality of their circumstances and find their purpose in life. From breaking free from toxic environments and forgiving others - including yourself - who have harmed you, “The Greatest You” addresses the significant need to reexamine life and learning how to guard against the pitfalls of life. Key sections include You’ll Never Win Your War by Running from Your BattlesForgiveness Is Not For Others -- It’s For YouProtecting Your Peace, and What Kind of Legacy Do You Want to Leave, among others. 

“This book is a promise,” says Shelton. “A promise to walk with you side-by-side, meeting you  where you are as I help you navigate the up’s and down’s of life and propel you to live out your purpose. It’s RehabTime…let’s get it!”

For more information, visit:
Website – www.trentshelton.com

About Trent Shelton
Trent Shelton is a former NFL wide receiver (having been a member of the Indianapolis Colts, Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins) that is now considered one of the most impactful speakers of this generation. He reaches over 50 million people weekly through his various social media outlets and non-profit RehabTime organization. A global speaker, Shelton travels the world sharing his message of creating lasting change in life. He and his wife Maria live in Fort Worth, Texas, with their two children, Tristan and Maya.

About Thomas Nelson 
Thomas Nelson, part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., is a world-leading provider of Christian content and has been providing readers with quality inspirational product for more than 200 years. The publishing group provides multiple formats of award-winning Bibles, books, gift books, cookbooks, curriculum and digital content, with distribution of its products in more than 100 countries. Thomas Nelson is headquartered in Nashville, TN. For additional information, please visit www.thomasnelson.com.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

New children's book details why author and humanitarian has been going barefoot for over eight years

(Conifer, CO)— Recent headlines have brought awareness to human trafficking, but Dr. Jeff Brodsky, founder of Joy International, has been living totally barefoot since July 2010 to do the same. Both domestically and internationally, Brodsky has gone barefoot in solidarity with impoverished and trafficked children. Most of the time, he speaks to adults about the staggering statistics of child sex trafficking, but in his first children's book entitled "Why Are You Barefoot?," Brodsky seeks to educate elementary children about the human trafficking epidemic. The book is based on an actual presentation Brodsky gave in person to a school full of children. 

“I was asked to speak at an elementary school and I had to find a way to explain to these children why I was barefoot,” says Brodsky. “Of course, I couldn’t tell them what I would normally share with a group of adults about the child sex trade, so I had to find a way to make them aware of child trafficking by telling them a story in a way they would understand. When I finished speaking the school Principal came up to me and said, ‘That was fascinating. What you just showed these students would make a great children’s book.’ That’s what this new book details.”
Human trafficking has overtaken arms trafficking to become the second-largest black-market industry behind drug-running. It is also the fastest-growing global industry. According to a recent study funded by the Department of Justice, the average age of young girls forced into the sex trade in America is approximately sixteen years old. Though estimates vary, as many as 21,000 child sex slaves, or children who are trafficked, may exist in the United States alone. According to the FBI, girls that are trafficked for sex have an average lifespan of 5-7 years, typically dying of disease, suicide or murder.  It was these facts, along with an encounter at a garbage dump in Cambodia, that first motivated Brodsky to begin his barefoot journey which is chronicled in his memoir, “The Least of These: One Man’s Remarkable Journey in the Fight against Child Trafficking.”
 “I was with a co-worker who had a program feeding impoverished children who lived in the dump. These children are at high risk of being snatched by predators and sold into brothels.” says Brodsky. “The smell was nauseating. The children live there because that’s where the freshest food is for them. As the group of a dozen or so children were eating a bowl of rice with chicken, I noticed they were all barefoot. I could not imagine walking barefoot among the trash and sludge. I even had a difficult time walking in there with shoes, tip-toeing across the garbage. When I got back to my hotel room that night, I could not get the picture of those bare feet out of my mind. I was also aware that brothel owners would take shoes away from children brought to the brothels to make it more difficult for them to run. I had a talk with God and felt He was impressing on me to go barefoot for one year in solidarity with those children, and with trafficked children around the world.”
Brodsky and his team have rescued thousands of children from sex trafficking—some as young as four-years-old— as well as conducted various undercover operations to aid law enforcement. The efforts of Joy International have helped to move Cambodia from a Tier 3 country (no efforts against trafficking) to a Tier 2. The U.S. is considered Tier 1 due to its aggressive laws and enforcement against trafficking. Joy International employs a Director of Global Police Training and Tactical Operations who was trained Special Forces Anti-Human Trafficking Police and SWAT teams. Their training techniques for airport personnel to spot potential human traffickers recently resulted in the rescue of a 9-year-old in the parking lot of an Alaskan airport. 
“People often turn a blind eye to human trafficking —similar to the three monkeys,” says Brodsky. “They don’t want to see it, hear about it or speak about it. It’s easier to look the other way. When any society becomes permissive instead of protective, that society is in the throes of moral decay. That is unfortunately America and our world today. Awareness is good, but awareness without action is apathy.”

A few years ago, a youth group in Ohio where Brodsky spoke organized a fundraiser called The Barefoot Mile which has since been embraced by groups, churches and organizations around the globe. Brodsky says these events have offered communities a chance to stand with him in solidarity with victims of human trafficking.

About Dr. Jeff Brodsky:
Dr. Jeff Brodsky is the founder of Joy International, a non-profit organization which exists to be involved in, or help to coordinate, the rescue, restoration, reintegration, and prevention of the commercial sexual exploitation of children, teens, and young women, both domestically and internationally. For over 37 years, to raise funds and awareness, he has performed as Snuggles the Clown, ridden a bicycle solo from California to New York City, led ten, 101-mile walks across Death Valley, and spoken in 50 nations. He and his wife, Gail, live in the foothills above Denver, Colorado and have three children and eight grandchildren. For more information, visit http://www.joy.org or http://www.thebarefootmile.org. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

THE LONG GOODBYE: The Kara Tippetts Story – Available on DVD and Digital Platforms March 22.

Film shares powerful story of a wife, mother, and friend sharing her long goodbye after a cancer diagnosis.
Film to release on the 4th anniversary of Kara’s 

Los Angeles, CA – In 2014 and 2015, one young woman in Colorado dared to explore the raw edges of dying with grace and dignity in real time, and, in the process, unknowingly impacted tens of thousands around the world. Now, her powerful story is being shared in the documentary THE LONG GOODBYE: The Kara Tippetts Story, distributed through Ocean Avenue Entertainment and available on DVD and digital channels, on the 4th anniversary of her passing, March 22. 
A new trailer for the film has just been released:https://youtu.be/ToS3zVdZlqQ
Kara was a 38-year old pastor’s wife and mother of four young children who had begun a mommy blog titled “Mundane Faithfulness”, sharing the concept of parenting with kindness. The website already had a successful following when she began facing and processing a cancer diagnosis on the site. The site became a sacred space, as people around the world were touched by Kara’s faith, honesty, and candor. She allowed the world to walk with her as she chronicled first what it meant to be a young wife and mother battling a disease, and then ultimately what it means to live and die, with love and dignity.
Kara was thrust into the spotlight with her letter to Brittany Maynard going viral.  Kara’s vulnerability had an incredible impact on thousands of people around the world, and grew that community of support in surprising ways.  Faith influencers from around the globe began to find ways to assist Kara by sharing her posts, sending personal messages, serving the family’s needs, as well as just becoming her friend.  A few of these friends have reflected on her life:
“I want more of what Kara Tippetts had.” - Ann Voskamp, Kara’s writing mentor
“I think Kara and I both understand that deep suffering stretches the capacity of the soul.” -Joni Eareckson Tada
“The impact of her life was huge. I’m blessed to know her.” - Joanna Gaines 
During her journey with cancer, Kara was able to write and publish three books, including Just Show Up: The Dance of Walking Through Suffering Together and And It was Beautiful: Celebrating Life in the Midst of the Long Good-Bye.  Her third book, The Hardest Peace: Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life’s Hard, won the 2015 ECPA Inspirational Book of the Year award. The award was announced after Kara’s passing, but she had been informed of the win in her final days.
Kara’s story came to the attention of filmmakers Jay and Sofia Lyons early after her diagnosis, and the couple felt led to do something for her. Sofia states how God led them down a path to create the film by a series of ‘breadcrumbs’: “First, we just wanted to do something special for Kara and her family. This evolved into creating a 7-minute video about her life, which ultimately opened up a conversation about fully documenting her last few months on earth.
“Sharing this time with her family was nothing short of a holy experience.” 
One of the unique views of THE LONG GOODBYE is experiencing their local community that gathered to help the family in their time of need. “Their impact in Kara’s story is remarkable. These friends walked alongside the Tippetts through every aspect of her diagnosis, and truly show us how to love and honor someone who is at the end of their journey.”
“We know that Kara’s story will continue to have an incredible impact,” continues Jay. “Cancer and other similar diseases are impossibly prevalent in our society. If we aren’t personally facing any number of health crises, we know someone who is. Kara helps us understand what it means to be facing an impossible health battle. She helps us understand how God walks with us in our pain. She helps us understand what it means to say goodbye with grace and an abundance of love.”
In association with Freely, LLC, THE LONG GOODBYE: The Kara Tippetts Story will be available March 22 on DVD and Digital formats. http://karatippettsdocumentary.com/
About Ocean Avenue Entertainment: 
Ocean Avenue Entertainment, Inc. is the destination for productions that offer hope to audiences looking for inspiration in entertainment. Ocean Avenue is committed to releasing inspiring and redemptive films and television programming. Its distribution strategy optimizes each release platform to find the widest possible audience theatrically on VOD, DVD and ultimately on streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. For more information, please visit www.oceanave.tv
About Freely:
Freely specializes in projects that touch the human spirit.  Freely is building content across all platforms including film, TV, live events, digital media, and has recently launched a talent management division. www.freely.com

Friday, February 8, 2019



LOS ANGELES (February 8, 2019) — Multi-platinum selling Hillsong UNITED announces the release of their brand new single “As You Find Me.” Out today with accompanying live performance video, the track features lead vocals from UNITED’s Tulele Faletolu, who joins with Taya’s accompanying vocals in a declaration of God’s unrelenting love and grace for all humanity. You can listen to and watch the song here.

“As You Find Me” releases on the heels of the group’s most recent singles “Good Grace” and “Whole Heart.” Debuting in December, “Good Grace” set the record as UNITED’s highest streaming street week career single, which “Whole Heart” subsequently broke by an increase of 12% upon its release in January. Collectively, “Whole Heart” and “Good Grace” have already amassed over 17.5 million global streams (including YouTube views) to date.

In support of their new music, the Australian-based worship collective will return to the United States for the first time in nearly three years for their highly anticipated USA Tour 2019. The arena circuit will kick off on April 25 in Austin, TX and include stops in major markets across the nation before culminating at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on July 2. Tickets are on sale now at hillsongunited.com.

Comprised of an evolving, eclectic mix of musicians and songwriters, Hillsong UNITED is undisputedly one of the genre’s most influential artists in the history of contemporary Christian music. The group has sold more than 4.7 million albums globally and garnered over 3 billion worldwide career streams to date. Their most recent album “Wonder” (2017) rocketed to No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart and No. 21 on the Billboard Top 200 and set the record for the most streamed album in Christian music history (U.S.) during street week with over 4.6 million streams. Hillsong UNITED remains the No. 1 Christian artist on all social media platforms with over 10 million fans combined.

For more information, visit www.hillsongunited.com or @hillsongunited on all social platforms. 

About Hillsong UNITED: 
Hillsong UNITED is a multi-award-winning, platinum-selling artist whose chart successes (repeatedly no. 1 on Billboard’s Christian charts and up to #5 on Billboard 200) are only bested by the millions of lives they’ve impacted across the globe. Reporting over 50 million people singing from the Hillsong catalogue songs every Sunday, the modest band born from a youth ministry out of Hillsong Church in Australia, touts a reach of over 10 million across all major social network platforms to date, including 2.1 billion minutes garnered from YouTube viewers. Comprised of an evolving, eclectic mix of musicians and songwriters, the band is led by Joel Houston and Taya, names that have become synonymous with Christian radio, dominating airwaves with every new release. Their last four studio albums have each topped the USA Christian chart, with "Zion" and "Empires" charting no. 1 ("Zion" recently also went Gold in the US); “Oceans,” written by Houston and band member Matt Crocker recently went triple platinum in the States, counting 200+ million streams and reigning on top of the Christian songs chart for a record 54 weeks. In studio, on tour or at home, Hillsong UNITED is committed to writing songs that speak truth, create a unique sound and connect people everywhere with God, evident by the success they’ve seen globally. With over 50 countries and six continents visited, Hillsong UNITED continues to sell out arenas and stadiums around the world, including sold-out nights at the Forum, STAPLES Center and The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, The Toyota Center, Oracle Arena, Air Canada Arena, American Airlines Arena (Miami and Dallas), and Red Rocks to scratch the surface. Hillsong UNITED functions from the deep understanding that everything they do is an expression of a really extraordinary God doing what only He can do, through really ordinary people.