Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Welcome To Inspiration - Releasing January 20th! - REVIEW

About the Movie:
WELCOME TO INSPIRATION has a loving message of faith, family and fun. It speaks to planting seeds, discipleship, self-study, and hopes to spark a moving experience through cinema in the hearts of its audience.
WELCOME TO INSPIRATION follows a diverse cast of characters as they struggle in their lives. A young musician wishes to share his gift with a larger audience; a widow copes with the death of her soldier daughter; a small business owner sacrifices her freedom for the safety of a young runaway; a mechanic finds a family by finding his faith; and a man and woman strengthen their marriage by seeking the Lord’s wisdom. One main theme explored in “WELCOME TO INSPIRATION is that you too can live a life of irrefutable success if you learn and act upon the things that God has revealed to you!
We have to ask ourselves daily……Am I truly listening?
In moments of providence, our characters meet inspirational teachers like THE STREET SWEEPER, who openly share the Seven Revelations of Irrefutable Success at just the right moment. The revelations are Bible-based principles that point toward a life that is increasingly more spiritually fulfilling. True success is not so much about material gain as it is about finding true meaning in life. We’ve heard them before…“it is more blessed to give than receive, knock and the door will be opened“, but have we really explored them? As our characters struggle to find their way, they transform their lives by looking to the Lord for their path.
My Thoughts:
When you find what you’re looking for, it’s a beginning and not and end.  Follow Through.” (street sweeper to Austin)

Welcome to Inspiration is a movie with a timeless feel to it.  There are elements of the 21st Century – barely – but the cars, the buildings, the clothes….they were from yesteryear.  It really doesn’t matter though, because the truths that the Street Sweeper teaches this town are timeless.  He takes everyone back to the truths of the Bible time and time again.  He knows that only God’s Word can transform a life and the only “success” is found in a relationship with Christ through His Word.

I’ll be honest and tell you that this film was really old-school.  The acting wasn’t that great and the story line was small-town slow.  The random guitar player in the alley (Larry Crabb) was a scene that left me scratching my head, but otherwise the story line was pretty seamless.  This is a town filled with regular folks trying to make a living the best way they know how.  There are some with broken dreams and others with shattered hearts, but they are all looking for the comfort that only Christ can offer.  Thank the Lord that there are folks who are faithful to share that truth with the folks of this town.

The town of Inspiration seems slow and antiquated in many ways, but the truth this film shares is foundational for all of our lives.  I’m happy to recommend it to families and friends!  Take time to slow down and enjoy truth! 

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