Friday, January 16, 2015

Gospel Formed by J.A. Medders - REVIEWED

About the Book:
A call to Christians to be caught up in the powerful whirlwind that is the gospel of grace

Christianity is based on the foundation of the good news of the gospel. Yet how many Christians truly find their identity there? How many are thriving in a community clinging to the gospel? How many forget about the wondrous glory of Jesus? J. A. Medders is on a mission to help Christians remember that the power that raised Jesus from the dead is also the power for our everyday life in Christ.

Yet living a gospel-centered life does not always come easily. The biblical meditations in Gospel Formed help to kindle, or rekindle, the passion to live a grace-addicted, truth-filled, Jesus-exalting life by constantly driving the reader back to the power of the cross and the empty tomb. Funny, punchy, and theologically accessible, readers will be encouraged, challenged, and ultimately reoriented to the true North of Christianity—Christ Himself.

My Thoughts:
Recover the gospel: have a personal reformation by preaching the gospel to yourself.  You are justified, you are being sanctified, and you will be glorified.  You are forgiven and freed.  In Christ, you are greatly loved.  God has redeemed you.  Jesus calls you his friend and family member.  The Holy Spirit of God dwells in you, empowering you to live like Jesus for the glory of Jesus.  We need Jesus for everything.  Think about it.”  (p.82)

WOW!! This is one of MANY passages that point readers to Jesus!  What fire! What passion!  What TRUTH!!  EVERYGTHING – not  SOME things – centers around the redeeming work Christ completed on the cross, and we need to live every moment of our lives understanding the truth of that finished work!

Gospel-centered living is J.A. Medders’ message in his book, Gospel Formed.  This book is composed of brief chapters that are really meat and potatoes for the soul and spirit.  Each chapter is a challenge to view Christ in a new way, in a new area of your life, in EVERYTHING!  It has to be one of the most challenging, encouraging books I’ve ever read!

What REALLY excites me is that God is trumpeting this same message to a variety of pastors right now!  I just reviewed another book earlier this week looking at this same thing from a different perspective.  My own pastor is teaching this same message – we must FIX our eyes on JESUS and his redeeming work on the cross!!  For every breath we take, HE is the center!!

I HIGHLY recommend this book!  Be challenged! Be changed! Be Gospel Formed!!

About the Author:
J. A. Medders is the lead pastor at Redeemer Church (Acts 29) in Tomball, Texas. He has written for the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Gospel-Centered Discipleship, Church Leaders, and more. To read more from J.A. Medders, visit 

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