Thursday, January 8, 2015


My Review:
Left Behind is a novel that I read when I was much younger!  So, to admit that I’ve seen the film version of this novel more than once dates me in the mind of my blogger buddies!

I was given the opportunity to interview actors, film writers and directors for this film, so I was more than a bit anxious to see the final product.  I wasn’t disappointed.  This is an excellent interpretation of the novel, and it is by far the best quality and the most action-packed version of this story I’ve ever witnessed.  I love the fact that the directors didn’t try to capture anything but the Rapture event itself, because the film length allowed them to develop the characters in such a way that you were able to experience gut-level emotion as they experienced the rapture of their loved ones.

I think what struck me most deeply is the realization that to an unbeliever an event like the Rapture would be very terrifying.  Terrifying only if there was a significant number of people missing.  The film and the novel both operate off the basis of the Rapture of a significant number of people.  The directors do an excellent job of creating a believable scenario using that basis.  Rayford Steele’s family serves as the epicenter of this scenario, and their response is very realistic.  I thought it was especially significant that they chose to include a scene between Chloe and her mom’s pastor – who was left behind.  Powerful scene!

Knowing how the series progresses gives me a solid basis to say that the movie ends at a very crucial point that allows a perfect segue into the next installment of the story. I think as hard as Paul LaLonde tried to make this film to appeal to everyone, there is always going to be a sense of awkwardness for an unbeliever.  There were some moments where the distinction of believers being a bit crazy felt a little “in your face.”  The “crazy” supposition only made their post-rapture sorrow seem a bit cheesy.  You can’t have it both ways…but then again, you really can.  The events that are ushered in with the Rapture won't be easily explained except by the truth of God's Word - something unbelievers will deny no matter how horrible things become on earth.

The world hated Christ.  The world hates the message His followers share.  So to relay the message with excellence as this film does only makes sense!  BRAVO!! I hope we get to see the entire series done with this same excellence!

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