Thursday, October 9, 2014

Buried Beneath the Words by Betel Arnold - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Words! Words! Words!

Words all over the place.   We don’t always realize how powerful words are, or how we’ve come to accept the words other people have used to describe us.

Accusing, blaming, and degrading words are the worst of all. After hearing those words over and over again, we begin to feel the weight of them threatening to crush the very life out of us.

Buried Beneath the Words cleverly shares a true life story about the different ways someone can end up buried beneath the weight of negative words. Then it shares a Christian course for how God’s word can revive us. By putting the advice given within these pages into practice, you will experience an awakening of the real you—the you that has been buried way too long.

My Thoughts:
Meditate on God’s word.  Have faith in God’s word.  Digest God’s word. Rely on God’s word and your confessions, your mouth, your words, and your heart will begin to line up with what God says about you. You will see a change.”  (p.71)

Words are powerful. They impart life and death.  This has been true since God spoke the world into existence.  God is speaking life today through His word, His people, His Holy Spirit…we just have to listen to His life giving words and learn to be deaf to the damaging words that come to us from the world.  Betel Arnold learned this in a dramatic, transformational way, and she wants to share what God has taught her as she has learned to listen to the truth of God’s Word.

Arnold’s book takes the reader on a journey of self-examination in her book Buried Beneath the Words.  Each chapter reveals a false way of thinking. The only way we can think if we are unaware of the truth of God’s word.  Arnold asks the reader to ponder and remember the words that have damaged them over their lifetime, then using God’s word, she leads them to the life-giving truth that counters the false words that have buried their God-given potential.

My favorite parts of each chapter are the sections of Mind Overhaul sections.  Arnold unpacks a truth, using God’s word and personal experience, to relate ways that you can overcome the mountain of words that have buried you for so many years.  She want to lead you to the freedom that can only be found in God’s word. 

This is not a lengthy, deeply theological book.  Rather, this is a succinct and very direct path that Arnold uses to direct readers back into God’s word.  She claims no secret to success or magic shortcut to a life that is all daisies and roses.  She is honest and tells those who read her book not to be surprised if circumstances don’t immediately reverse.  Rather, she encourages faithfulness to speak and declare God’s word over every area of your life.  God transforms and renews your mind through His word, and often that results in a change in life circumstances.

This is a power-packed little book that I recommend for every believer.  God wants to transform your life! Dive into His word!

About the Author:
Betel Arnold is a Certified Christian Life Coach, her passion is to reach out to women with compassion, empathy and encouragement.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Betel was inspired to create a local public television show, Simply Talking, where she is co-producer and co-host addressing issues drawn from our daily lives to deeper questions that come from our personal tragedies.

Betel has learned to integrate her roles as wife, mother, inspirational speaker and family advocate.  It is Betel’s personal life experiences of overcoming adversity where she was able to find the inspiration and inner strength to do the impossible.  She inspires others to overcome the challenges that keep us from moving forward in our lives and achieving our goals.  Betel Arnold has embraced her life’s conviction to help women become all that God has called them to be.

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