Monday, October 7, 2013

Unraveling by Elizabeth Klein Corcoran - REVIEWED

About the Book:  (from the publisher)
Candid reflections for Christian women facing separation or just recently divorced.To be a separated or divorced Christian is to be an anomaly, a scandal. No one knows what box to put you in or what to do with you, and this no-man’s land--pun intended--can be a very isolating and core-shaking place to dwell.

Elisabeth Klein Corcoran knows from experience. After extensive counseling, mentoring, 12-step groups, many tears, and even more prayers, Elisabeth found her 18-year marriage ending in separation and divorce. A believer completely in love with Jesus, Elisabeth was alone, drowning in a sea of emotions, and questioning how to navigate her way through the end of her marriage.

Elisabeth walks readers through the varied emotions of being newly single in this collection of vulnerable and hopeful essays, expounding on some of the most common struggles of divorce: anger, faith, guilt, loneliness, and more. What started as an article for, has turned into a calling to soothe broken hearts with stories, prayer, action steps, and Scripture readings, helping readers hold on to profound faith and reassurance in the one Love that will never die.

Whether separated, newly divorced, or just considering divorce, women will find hope and comfort in these short, but dynamic readings.

My Thoughts:
What you’re holding in your hands is a narrative of my journey through the most difficult, confusing and emotional season of my entire life.” (p.1)

Elisabeth’s journey is one of the most transparent, painful, hopeful, healing books I have ever read.  This book has been a gift of healing sent into my life by God alone at the end of my twenty-two year marriage.  Elisabeth has explored questions, thoughts and emotions that I have experienced in my own life over the course of the past two years.  To read and absorb the truth she shares from God’s Word has healed some of my own broken places.  How I praise God for Elisabeth’s book, Unraveling!

On a practical note, I want to tell readers that the book is formatted in short chapters that end in a profound way; a prayer, a practical action and a verse or passage of Scripture to focus your mind upon.  This allows you to absorb the truth and healing in manageable portions and gives you a practical way to way to make a personal application to your own situation.  This book is not filled with the gory details of the author’s life situation.  Rather, it is filled with the testimony of how God walked beside her, provided for her and healed her brokenness then gave her purpose and joy in the midst of her circumstance.  This is a book that points to Christ alone.  How I praise God for this precious, precious book!!

About the Author:
Elisabeth Klein Corcoran is an author, blogger, speaker and founder of the women's ministry at Christ Community Church’s Blackberry Creek Campus for 10 years. With a heart for social justice and outreach to women, she leads international mission trips, organizes women’s meetings, and moderates Facebook groups connected with difficult marriages, domestic abuse, and divorce. A regular contributor for websites such as and, she lives with her two teenagers in Illinois.

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