Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Under God by Jeff Slaughter - REVIEWED!!! Join Me!!

Under God,
These are two words you can’t erase
Under God,
We are protected by his grace
And we hold these truths as a banner to proclaim
Under God,
We will remain
(Under God by Jeff Slaughter)

Jeff Slaughter writes songs that reflect the truth of God’s presence in his life and the love he has for his Savior.  His music ranges from gentle tunes that woo your heart to fast tempos that cause you to dance in praise to our Lord.  I don’t know when I’ve listened to a CD that contained such a vast variety all of which touched my heart so tenderly and deeply time and time again!  Under God is truth.  It is light.  It is life sung to God alone and reflects a level of praise that is – well – life changing!

My favorite song on the CD?  By Faith is SUCH a STRONG statement of the faith God imparts to all of His children!  This is Why literally has me totally immersed in worship within just the first few lines.  In Your Power immediately becomes my prayer for each day. The Word brings blessed assurance and is sung with such amazing tenderness and clarity!  Under God….well, that is the title song and reflects all that is precious and worth fighting for in our great country!  EVERY SINGLE SONG is so amazing!! And from what I understand Humpty Dumpty has been around for a while and it makes me laugh and dance EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen!!

God has really been doing a life-long work in Jeff’s life, and I believe Under God is just the beginning of a brand new direction of blessing and ministry in his heart!  Already, his work has reached untold numbers, and he is being faithful to follow God in new ways.  He book, It’s All True,  is something I explored earlier, and I am convinced that this project is every bit as anointed as anything Jeff has every put his hand to work toward.  It really is amazing and I recommend it to EVERYONE that wants to enter God’s gates with praise and thanksgiving!!

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