Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our God Comes - Antioch Live

Our God Comes has been my introduction to Antioch Live.  I'm a relatively new convert when it comes to the more modern praise and worship music.  My youngest son plays acoustic guitar in his church's praise band.  So, listening to this album sounded and felt like I was worshiping with my son on Sunday evening!  There is a nice mix of upbeat and faster paced songs with slower more worshipful tunes.  I've listened to the album multiple times, and I keep coming back to the first two songs on the album, Come and God and King as favorites.  Both are more upbeat, but I also enjoy the message in the songs.  Another favorite is I Will Raise.  It is a slower more worshipful tune that moves me every time I hear it.

My only complaint is the same one I voice when I worship with my son...balance the sound!!!  The singers are drowned out by the bass or drums or a combination of both.  How Much More and Savior Forever are beautiful songs, but the singers sound muffled and are hard to understand. With the words projected onto a screen, you could sing along or at least follow the message.  In this case, the music is pretty but as far as understanding them and getting the message....missed me all together.  Balance the sound!!! Please!  It would sound so much better and would minster to folks through both sound and message.

Maybe I just have old ears, after all, I'm an ancient 46.  Please, balance the sound.  Please.

I've enjoyed this album, but for the reasons stated above, there are only a hand-full of songs that truly usher me into worship.

You can go HERE and learn more about this group and their church.

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