Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What Would The Founding Fathers Think? By David Bowman - REVIEWED

About the Book: ( from the Publisher)
These are the facts:
  1. The United States of America was and is the greatest nation on Earth.
  2. Today, the United States of America is in serious trouble.
  3. You will inherit the United States of America—and its problems—in just a few short years.
And this is the solution: a book about American history, politics, and government—that’s actually fun to read.
With wit, humor, and the occasional serious note, David Bowman brings the founding fathers back to life, showing how they might react to America’s current political pickle. By skillfully illustrating the problems our nation will face and presenting them in an interactive format, this book is bound to bring any teen into the political process. And it’s so much fun adults will want to read it too!
My Thoughts:
Government protects your right to TRY, it doesn’t provide and EQUAL SUPPLY.”  (p. 83)

I think the basic principle set forth in this book is the fact that the people of the great United States of America have lost sight – no, basically forgotten – the way our country was established to function.  We forgotten that Government was established to protect our rights – NOT grant them!! We have forgotten that faith in God (regardless of the religion we choose to practice) is the foundation of the values and virtues that allow us the freedom to govern ourselves and enjoy the true freedom offered only through the foundational values and virtues established by God for His people.

David Bowman has created a book that CLEARLY shows and tells the truth of our nation’s deterioration.  He understands that he must reach the younger generation with the truth set forth by our founding fathers in the constitution so they will be able to reclaim the freedoms that they are willfully giving away in ignorance.  This book may look like a simple “cartoon tale” but it contains foundational truths that EVERYONE, regardless of their age needs to be reminded of!!

We live moral, virtuous lives. We take responsibility for governing ourselves.  We honor the family unit.  We cherish our God-given rights and establish governments to protect those rights.” (p.61)

This is what our founding fathers intended!!! God Bless America!! Please Father, have mercy on our nation!!

This is a FABULOUS BOOK and it should be required reading for EVERYONE!!!
About the Author:
David Bowman’s passion is teaching and working with youth. He has taught at a high school level and is a popular youth motivational speaker, traveling around the country to speak at various venues. David is the author/illustrator of several books for young audiences, including the best-selling Who’s Your Hero series. In addition, David is the artist of the Christian art series titled “Expressions of Christ.”
David is also passionate about restoring this nation back to its founding principles. Along with authoring this book, he is actively involved with the American Academy for Constitutional Education and other conservative groups. David and his wife, Natalie, and their four children live in Arizona. To view David Bowman’s “Expressions of Christ” fine art series, and more of his art, visit

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