Monday, July 8, 2013

The Art of the Follower by Dag Heward-Mills - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Many books have been written on how to be a leader.  But few books deal with how to be a follower.  While some are called to be leaders, far more are called to be followers.  In our daily lives, we are called to be followers in many different forms.  The secret to a strong marriage is the ability to be a good follower of our spouse.  Parents must teach their children how to be good followers in the family, in school and in the church.  Much has been written about the decline in the respect for authority among the children of today.  But where can parents go to find guidance in teaching their children the importance of being a good follower?

In our jobs, we must follow our leaders.  In the church, we must follow the leading of our pastors and other church leaders.  But the pastor must also be a good follower, as we are all called to follow God.  

In the last words of Jesus, he commended His spirit to his Father.  This is the example of the true follower that Jesus left for us.  In this ground-breaking book, Dag Heward-Mills provides practical ways that we can be good followers in all that we do.

My Thoughts:
The Art of the Follower is a book I feel should come with a warning label attached.  There are true statements, Scripture and good admonitions mixed among some pretty outlandish personal opinions.  Unless you know how to discern between the two, this book has the potential to be very misleading.

I know Dag Heward-Mills has authored over 70 books, planted an abundant number of churches, lead conferences for millions, opened orphanages and a TON of other things.  So who am I to have doubts about his book?  Well, I’m a believer and a follower of Christ and I know enough to know that when the author asks questions about Queen Esther’s sexual practices with the king I almost vomited.  Great day in the morning! She was part of a harem and could lose her life at any moment she wasn’t pleasing to the king.  The woman has some grave and serious motivation to do whatever was asked!  Give me a break!  Then has the audacity to talk about Christian men and women growing boring in the bedroom because they are now in a committed Christian marriage! That was one of the more outlandish sections of the book, but it certainly was not the only one.

This book left me very unmotivated to do much of anything except ask the publishers to put a warning label on it.  I think this man has built a following by mixing truth with his own personal opinions and allowed himself to become somewhat prideful and misleading.  I cannot recommend this book.

About the Author:
Dag Heward-Mills, an international evangelist, serving out of Ghana, ministers in crusades and conferences in front of millions of worshipers around the world.  He has planted almost 1,300 churches around the world.  In the United States, he has planted 63 Lighthouse Chapel Churches in 24 states.  Through his ministry, he has opened orphanages, hospitals, schools, and Bible colleges.  He is the author of 73 books and has distributed over ten million copies of his books. 

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