Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ragged Hope by Cynthia Ruchti - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from the author's website)
To the wounded,
the worn,
the wondering.
And to all those who let us
see their scars
so others can discover
Hope’s hideout. 
It’s one thing to live with the consequences of your own choices, but what happens when your life is changed because of someone else’s? This insightful and uplifting guide will comfort, support and encourage you through whatever situation you must face. Cynthia Ruchti, who has walked this road herself, assures readers that God is ever present and His love never wavers. There is hope, grace, and a future in every situation, especially those that we did not cause.

My Thoughts:
“When we stand in a muddle of misery someone else created for us, too weary to be creative, too worn down to embrace a trendy problem-solving technique or follow a seven-step plan to a new, improved live, we need an arm around our shoulder assuring us God hears, God understands and is not stingy with hope.”  (Ragged Hope – introduction)

Cynthia Ruchsti uses this idea and builds a solid – albeit ragged – set of circumstances that will offer an indestructible hope for those who face life’s challenges as a child of the Risen Savior.  Truly, Ruchsti’s stories of real-life situations – all of them brought about by choices made by other people  - range in severity from arson and addiction to infidelity and accidents caused by drunk drivers.  In each situation, she demonstrates that the hope offered through Christ is more than enough to give the strength needed to face the fallout and redirect your heart toward hope.

These are not easy stories to read.  You will cry and ache with those whom she writes about.  Then you will read the questions and statements at the end of the chapter, and you will have the opportunity to examine your own heart and determine what choices you have made in similar situations as well as determining effective ways to reach out to others who face similar challenges.

Ragged Hope looks at life through a very clear and often painful lens, but it does so in the context of the eternal and indestructible hope offered through Christ.  No matter where you are in your life journey, you will gain something useful and life-changing as you read this book.  I know it was a true gift from my Sovereign Lord in my life.  It is a book that will be treasured and shared again and again! 

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About the Author:
Cynthia writes stories of hope that glows in the dark, merging her love for storytelling with inextinguishable hope for inexpressible hurts.
Cynthia spends her days diving into words, worship, and wonder and celebrating 40 years of marriage, three grown children, and five outrageously adorable grandchildren. One of her greatest joys is helping other writers grow in their craft. To that end, she served as the assistant director and a faculty member of the Quad Cities Christian Writers Conference, has served as worship and devotions staff for the Write-to-Publish conference, and teaches at other conferences as opportunities arise. She speaks to women’s groups, at mother-daughter banquets, and for women’s refresher days and retreats. It is her delight to serve on her church’s worship team. Rather than “busy,” she likes the term “active.”

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