Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Victorious Heart: A Journal of Grace by Jim and Deanna Reynolds - REVIEWED


Written for those in any trouble, our true story offers the comfort we ourselves received from the God of all comfort.

Eight years ago, our daughter was born with a terminal genetic condition called Trisomy 18. Through e-mails written then, narrative material, and later reflections, we chronicle God’s immense faithfulness in the midst of our struggle.

Our prayer and confident hope is that God will make your heart victorious through the lessons we learned from Him.

My Thoughts:
Our hearts remain victorious when we live convinced that nothing of our situation impacts who God is.”

What precious words Jim and Deanna Reynolds record in their journal of grace: Our Victorious Heart.  Their journey is one every person who has ever become a parent fears at some level – the uncontrollable illness or situation with your child – which threatens to rob you of this precious gift of life. Trisonomy 18 was the physical trauma the Reynolds’ family had to face at the birth of their daughter Nicole.  This is a syndrome in which the person has a third copy of material from chromosome 18 instead of the normal two copies.

Our Victorious Heart journals the Reynolds’ family journey, and it challenges all believers to examine their heart before God in the midst of the trials faced here on earth.  Whether spiritual, emotional, or physical, trials are part of the human condition as long as we strive in this sin-filled world.  

We serve a God of miracles, and Nicole’s life was a lesson in the miraculous way God provides for His children.  God is in control of every circumstance, and He never leaves us nor forsakes us.  The lessons Nicole’s life has taught me are precious and rare.  Only the Lord knew that this lady would read and review her story and be convicted and challenged to live a life more devoted to doing God’s will.

How I praise God for Nicole Reynolds’ life and her parents, Jim and Deanna, for being obedient and faithful to record their journey.  I am happy and excited to recommend Our Victorious Heart to you!

About the Authors
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