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Los Angeles, Calif. (December 27, 2012) – Movie to Movement™ (, who partnered with the producers ofBella, an award-winning film that touched lives around the world inspiring women to choose life for their unborn, announces the release of its brand new short film, Crescendo.On February 28, 2013, the movie with a similar and powerful message, will release on more than 100 screens during a special one-night event that will aim to raise over $1 million for pregnancy centers around the country.

“We are urging everyone to join together and celebrate the incredible potential of every single human life,” says President/Founder of Movie to Movement, Jason Jones. “Over 581 women chose life after seeing Bella and we know thatCrescendo will continue to inspire a global movement that transcends time and cultures to communicate the dignity and worth of the human being.”

Based on a true story, Crescendo is set in the 18th century Holy Roman Empire where a series of events turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience for a woman whose life will never be the same. Written and directed by Alonso Alvarez, the film stars Ali Landry, Montserrat Espalde, Patrick Nuo, Jennifer Cadena.  With Eduardo Verastigui serving as executive producer, the film was shot entirely on the Universal Studios back lot and has already seen success in the film festival circuit having recently received the Crystal Heart award at the 2011 Heartland Film festival and won top short film honors at the Hollywood Film Festival.

Accolades and support have poured in from various ministries and organizations in response to the 15-minute short film’s powerful message of love, hope and redemption.  Heartbeat is encouraging pregnancy centers around the country to climb on board for one the most unique events of the year. 
“I encourage every pregnancy help organization to bring the blessings of Crescendo to their own community for the grand premier on February 28,” says Peggy Hartshom, President of Heartbeat International. “This film is riveting and it’s powerful and life affirming finale will stay in your heart.  What a unique, enjoyable, and beautiful way to raise a much needed million dollars to save and change lives in our pregnancy help centers, clinics and housing ministries!”
In conjunction with the one-day event, many women are coming forward to share their personal stories of how movies like Bella changed their lives and the lives of their unborn forever.
"It’s funny how one moment can change your life forever,” says Crissy Stanley as she reflects on the first time she saw Bella. “Movies have a way of working their way from the screen, and into your heart. The cast reminds you of family, and the story reminds you of, if not mimic's your life. The message follows you, and inspires you; you've become one with the meaning as you pass it to inspire others. It's a powerful thing. Because of Bella, I decided to choose life and am now the proud mother of beautiful twins, who are my ‘miracle babies’ that I can’t imagine my life without.”

Crescendo hopes to serve as a source of encouragement for women, save lives and impact millions.
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Movie to Movement™ was created to promote a culture of Life, Love & Beauty. They do this through the production of their own films, as well as sharing others. Movie to Movement believes that film is today’s most influential medium and that they can change culture, but first they must change Hollywood. By supporting Movie to Movement™ promoted and produced films viewers are supporting good films and send a message to Hollywood that more need to be made. For more information on Movie to Movement please visit

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