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Come to the Table by Neta Jackson - REVIEWED

About the Book:  (from Thomas Nelson)
Kat Davies is suddenly wondering if her good deed was a bad idea.
Kat may be new in her faith, but she’s embraced the more radical implications of Christianity with reckless abandon. She invited Rochelle—a homeless mother—and her son to move in the apartment she shares with two other housemates. And she’s finally found a practical way to channel her passion for healthy eating by starting a food pantry at the church.
Her feelings for Nick are getting harder to ignore. The fact that he’s the interning pastor at SouledOut Community Church and one of her housemates makes it complicated enough. But with Rochelle showing interest in Nick as a father-figure for her son, their apartment is feeling way too small.
But not everyone thinks the food pantry is a good idea. When the woman she thought would be her biggest supporter just wants to “pray about it,” Kat is forced to look deeper at her own motives. Only when she begins to look past the surface does she see people who are hungry and thirsty for more than just food and drink and realizes the deeper significance of inviting them to “come to the table.”
My Thoughts:
You may be surprised what God has in store for you, the ways He wants to use you to bless others – if you just trust Him with what is, rather than worrying about what isn’t.”  (p.332)

Neta Jackson continues to develop a very eclectic group of characters in her latest installment in the Souled Out Sisters series, Come to the Table.  In this story, she follows a seminary student, Nick Taylor, and his apartment mates through a summer of challenges, spiritual growth and emotional conflict.  These young people are called to serve others and share Christ in an urban church that serves folks who are walking through some pretty tough circumstances.  Each of them learn that listening for God’s direction when your emotions get involved isn’t easy.  They also lean to distinguish God’s will from their own.  It is a grand adventure to walk alongside these young folks as they experience a life-changing summer!

Neta Jackson in an expert on creating multi-faceted an well developed characters!  She allows her characters to experience hard things spiritually, emotionally and physically that present unique challenges to faith and trust.  I’ve followed some of these characters for some time now, and I’m always amazed at the things that develop in their lives.  I come away from each of these books challenged to look at my own preconceived notions about the life teeming around me and longing to see people and love them as Christ loves.  It’s not an easy thing, but SO worthwhile!! What blessings these characters receive when they walk in obedience and learn what Christ has for each of them!!

I have grown to love these characters, and you will too!  Yada Yada…check it out…House of Hope…check it out…Souled Out Sisters…check it out!! It is a journey you don’t want to miss!!

About the Author:
Neta Jackson's award-winning Yada books have sold roughly 500,000 copies and are spawning prayer groups across the country. She and her husband, Dave, are also an award-winning writing team, best known for the Trailblazer Books—a 40-volume series of historical fiction about great Christian heroes with 1.5 million in sales—and Hero Tales: A Family Treasury of True Stories from the Lives of Christian Heroes (vols 1-4). They live in the Chicago area, where the Yada stories are set.

Neta Jackson COME TO THE TABLE from familyfiction on GodTube.

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