Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Surrender the Heart by MaryLu Tyndall - REVIEWED

You can’t know what God’s purpose is for the things that have happened until you see the end. It’s like the end of a good story miss. Everything looks real bad until you get to the last chapter.” (p. 200)

Things do indeed look very bad for Marianne Denton. Forced to marry a man she despises, her ailing mother assured of certain death if Marianne doesn’t find a way to provide the medicine she needs, and all of the family left destitute because of her father’s carelessness. Then, things get worse. Impressed onto a British navy ship (that is a tale unto itself!) just as war is about to break out between England and a fledgling United States, Marianne enters a hellish existence indeed! What can possibly become of her and her family now?

Mary Lou Tyndall has once again captured my heart and my imagination with her latest book, Surrender the Heart. Just as in all of her books before, I thought I knew where the story was headed. Then the plot began to twist and turn with such ferocity, that I had to hang on for dear life just to reach the end of the tale! If there is one thing MaryLu Tyndall knows how to do, it’s deliver an immensely satisfying, can’t-bear-to-put-it-down story! She seamlessly weaves profound spiritual truth into a story that is both action-packed and romance-filled! In short, I am THRILED to know that Surrender the Heart is only the beginning of the Surrender to Destiny series!

My mind is filled with the possibilities that Tyndall leaves before the reader by the end of this tale! I can’t wait to see what God has planned for Marianne and all of the other brave and patriotic characters introduced in Surrender!

And I promise you, that there is the heart of a sailor – or pirate – or privateer – or some such that beats within the heart of this wonderful author! Her tales upon the sea make the reader feel a breeze in your hair and the salt-water spray against your skin! Surrender the Heart captured my heart, and I hope it does yours as well!!

About the Author:

M.L. Tyndall, a Christy Award Finalist, and best-selling author of the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series is known for her adventurous historical romances filled with deep spiritual themes. She holds a degree in Math and worked as a software engineer for fifteen years before testing the waters as a writer. MaryLu currently writes full time and makes her home on the California coast with her husband, six kids, and four cats. Her passion is to write page-turning, romantic adventures that not only entertain but expose Christians to their full potential in Christ.

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Mocha with Linda said...

Love, love, love MaryLu and her books! This one was great, as always.