Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chrissie's Shell by Brooke Keith Illustrated by Mary Bausman - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from the publisher)

Chrissie is a little turtle with a big problem: she believes her shell is empty. She spends her days comparing herself with other animals in the forest and imagining what it would be like to be them, only to end up disappointed again and again when she finds she cannot transform herself into someone new.

At last, when Chrissie is ready to give up all hope, she has a conversation with God. She begs him to make her into a creature like the wonderful animals she has seen, but God has something better in mind. Will Chrissie finally see herself as God sees her? Will she realize that her shell is not empty after all and that God loves her just the way she is?

I praise you for I am…wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14 NIV

My Thoughts:

“…she imagined what I would be like to do the thing she could not do.” (p. 17)

Oh dear reader! The truth found in the picture book, Chrissie’s Shell is very applicable to anyone – no matter your age! Chrissie is a little turtle who is wrestling with a big problem – accepting herself as one of God’s precious creations. Chrissie spends a lot of time trying to be something she is not, never realizing that she was created for a specific purpose as unique as all of the other animals in the forest for whom she holds such great admiration. When she finally cries out to God in her frustration, He lovingly and tenderly shows her that she is a precious as all of the other animals in the forest.

This timeless story is beautifully illustrated with lots of whimsical forest animals that will quickly become some of your child’s favorite companions at story time! Parents and child care providers will have opportunities to teach little ones just how precious they are in God’s sight as well as teaching them that they don’t have to spend their time trying to be someone they’re not. It’s never too early to begin to learn this lesson!

I highly recommend Chrissie’s Shell as an excellent addition to any library!

About the Author: Brooke Keith

Brooke Keith's poetry for children has appeared in children's magazines and storybooks around the world. She is a devotional and family writer for the Christian Broadcasting Network, a columnist for War Cry Magazine and a regular contributor for many well-loved Christian magazines such as Mature Living, Christianity Today, and Young Salvationist among others. When Brooke isn't writing, she is a volunteer and mentor for the Hugs and Hope Foundation. She lives with her husband Chris and their four children, Alex, Brock, Emily and baby Jack in Lula, Georgia.

About the Illustrator: Mary Bausman

Mary Bausman has illustrated for many major publishers in the United States and Canada. Her main focus is developing art and promotional materials for libraries, schools, and religious organizations. Mary and her husband, Cal, have their own graphic arts studio, Owl Mountain Graphics. They enjoy working from their farm in rural Maryland, surrounded by their beloved sons and their families, as well as their dogs, cats, horses and nature.

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