Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sneaky Sheep by Chris Monroe - Reviewed

About the book: (from the Publisher)

Blossom and Rocky are sheep—very sneaky sheep. And they are not very good decision makers. Poor Murphy, the sheep dog, has rescued them from many adventures, like cliff diving and sunbathing on the railroad tracks. And then there was the unfortunate incident with the knitters....But Rocky and Blossom are always looking for greener grass, and there's no telling what they'll try next.

My Thoughts:

It’s time I confessed something to my blog readers…I a hopeless book fiend…a picture book fiend in particular! I have had a neat experience looking at some of Lerner Publisher’s latest offerings, and that includes Sneaky Sheep by Chris Monroe! Rocky and Blossom are very typical toddlers (although I’m not so sure about typical sheep!) – curious and oblivious to the danger their curiosity can lead them to! Despite all of Murphy the sheepdog’s warnings, they just insist on visiting a meadow up on a nearby mountainside! They have to get pretty creative to get past Murphy, but when they do…well, let’s just say that the greener grass in the other meadow harbored a very unpleasant surprise!

This delightful book and its whimsical illustrations will have great appeal to toddlers and will make a great teaching tool for parents trying to explain to their children that their warnings and instructions are given in love with the child’s best interest in mind. I enjoyed meeting Rocky and Blossom, and if you have toddler’s in your life, you should introduce them to this mischievous due as soon as possible!

About the Author:

Chris Monroe's humor and intricate illustrations draw high praise from reviewers and bloggers alike. Chris is also the author and illustrator of Totally Uncool and the long-running comic strip Violet Days. She lives in Duluth, Minnesota.


Kav said...

This sounds like another good one for work. I'll definitely look it up. Love the title and the cagey sheep on the cover! LOL.

Mocha with Linda said...

Sounds fun! I absolutely love picture books, too!