Monday, May 3, 2010

No Greater Love & More Than Conquerors by Kathi Macias - REVIEWED

I have tried to beleve in this white man’s god, this Jesus, and I mite exept for apartheid. How am I to beleve a messege of love when it is preched by a messenger of hate? Perhaps this Jesus was a kind man as they say, but his followers are not so. If they were I could not justify killing them so easily.” (p. 216)

Kathy Macias delivers her readers into the heart of African apartheid in her novel, No Greater Love. This powerful story will reveal the true evil of racism and cause you to repent over any prejudicial attitudes within your own heart. The danger that is almost ever present within this story is almost palpable, and the way lives are nudged and transformed by the moving of the Holy Spirit upon a situation is equally as exciting and very deeply moving.

No Greater Love is a riveting story that will make you realize anew how deeply we are loved by our Savior, and that there are times when standing up for what is right may very well cost you everything. I could not begin to imagine the heartache some of these characters had to experience, and while I know this was fiction, I also know that there are those who have indeed experienced such great and terrible loss. This is a truly amazing story, and the gospel is beautifully and realistically woven within its pages.

I am very happy to recommend this book to you!

Once again, Kathi Macias takes us into the heart of those called to minister to others as missionaries in dangerous lands. This time the stakes are high and personal, and the heart-rending outcome is magnificant! These stories will challenge your faith and cause you to consider the vast blessing of religious freedom as well as the grave responsibility we have as believers to share the gospel with others! Kathi writes amazing stories, folks! Don't miss them!!

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