Thursday, May 13, 2010

It Had To Be You by Janice Thompson - REVIEWED

Get ready for a double dose of wedding frenzy!

Bella couldn't be happier that two of her long-feuding relatives have finally admitted their love for one another and are getting married. Their forties-style wedding is sure to be a night to remember. But when the Rossi house begins to fill up with family from Italy--and an old mobster from New Jersey--life starts to get complicated. Will a friend from the past drive the happy couple apart once more? And will Bella ever have time to think of her own rapidly approaching wedding amid the chaos?

Full of humor, plenty of Italian passion, and a bit of Texas gumption, It Had to Be You will have you laughing out loud and wiping a tear from your eye.


"Dai nemici mi guardo io, dogli amici mi guardi Iddio! I can protect myself from m enemies; may God protect me from my friends!" (p. 142)

Great day in the morning! I never dreamed that the Rossi house could hold so many people! When the relatives start pouring in from Italy for Rosa an Laz' wedding - and Bella and DJ's wedding - and...oops! Can't tell you about that! And Rosa and Laz kind of go on the that gets kind of iffy...well, in short there is NO TELLING what will happen in the finale of Weddings By Bella! It Had To Be You is filled with the most excitement, most confusion, most laughter of any of Janice Thompson's books so far! And that crazy parrot Guido....he can't decide whether to cuss a blue streak or sing Amazing Grace! Those plus-sized ladies from Splendora are back dancing up a storm and turning ladies' restrooms into prayer closets! You KNOW fun is going on with Sister Twila, Sister Jolene and Sister Bonnie Sue show up!

Okay, I'm gushing now. And I have every right to! Janice knows how to have fun writing a story, and Bella Rossi and her crazy family are in rare form in this fabulous volume! Read them all! Fools Rush In, Swinging on a Star and It Had To Be You! There is enough romance and fun to satisfy anyone! Hey, and if the Italian version of Club Wed ever takes off...Janice Thompson will have to make sure to do some superior research across the ocean! Okay...I'll hush now! Read the book! Have a blast!!


Janice Thompson is a seasoned romance author and native Texan. An experienced wedding coordinator herself, Thompson brings alive in her books the everyday drama and humor of getting married. She is the author of Fools Rush In and Swinging on a Star. She lives in Texas.


Mocha with Linda said...

LOL - Fun review of a wonderful book and series!

Unknown said...

Ahhhhhh! You're the best gusher in town! In the country, maybe. I'm so glad you enjoyed the conclusion to Bella's story. You've just made my day. Maybe my week! I can't wait to see what you think of the next series. Woo-hoo!

Diane Marie Shaw said...

I've read both the other books in this series. I am looking forward to getting this one to read more about this Italian family.
My father was an Italian immigrant so I laugh at the antics in this series and just shake my head thinking of his family.