Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aunt Dimity Down Under by Nancy Atherton - REVIEWED

“Did you know that New Zealanders are called Kiwis because of the Kiwi, a flightless bird unique to New Zealand?” (p. 57)

I’m sorry! I hope I’m not spoiling the fun of Lori Shepherd’s latest adventure with Aunt Dimity! Well, of course I’m not! The title says she’s “Down Under,” but now you know she’s down under down under! Once again Nancy Atherton has drawn me into a heart-warming cozy mystery, and I am left well-entertained and satisfied.

It was lovely to gad about New Zealand with Lori and Aunty Dimity as my guides. I learned about the Pohutuhawa tree that graces the earth with red blooms at Christmas time and the kauri which is a tree native to new Zealand. There are sweeping vistas and crystal pools of water to be enjoyed among the petulant, ever-changing weather, and Nancy Atherton transports the reader to this exotic land with what is certainly her most tender-hearted mystery ever!

When the precious Pym twins experience a turn of heart trouble, Lori winds up fulfilling a promise to find their long-lost brother. Apparently, Aubrey Pym was entirely opposite of his twin sisters, and he was quite the scoundrel! Lori’s search reveals layers of poor choices and family heartache as she pursues the one remaining relative of her precious Finch neighbors. Along the way her journey is filled with colorful and quirky characters – all who lead her one stop closer to finding the Pym relative she seeks. Will she find this treasure before it’s too late for the Pym sisters?

Of course Reginald and Aunt Dimity accompany Lori throughout her adventures and offer endearing moments of sage advice and tender insight. The ending leaves the reader in a melancholy yet hopeful place, as well as the promise of possibility that one day readers will once again return to the exotic and breathtaking land of New Zealand!

And I just loved the native language! An Op Shop, or opportunity shop is the local pawn store. The Tassie is an affectionate local term for the Tasman Sea. And my personal favorite? Jandals! Jandals is short for Japanese sandals – or more commonly known to you and me as flip-flops! The language of New Zealand is as fun and colorful as the people and the landscape, and Nancy Atherton leaves me anxious to return! Aunt Dimity Down Under is fabulous and fun, and I am already looking forward to Lori’s next adventure!

Nancy Atherton is the author of six Aunt Dimity novels: Aunt Dimity’s Death, Aunt Dimity and the Duke, Aunt Dimity’s Good Deed, Aunt Dimity Digs In, Aunt Dimity’s Christmas, and Aunt Dimity Beats the Devil (all available from Penguin). She lives next to a cornfield in central Illinois

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Sounds like a fun book, although the cover wouldn't have made me want to read it.