Monday, September 14, 2009

Tidings of Great Boys by Shelley Adina - MY REVIEW

Tidings of Great Boys is my fifth Shelby Adina reading adventure, and I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly! Once again, Shani, Carly, Lissa, Gillian and Mac share their lives in unique and meaningful ways. However, this time their experiences transpire on the bonny hills of Scotland! Mac invites the girls to castle Straithcairn for the holidays, and they find themselves battling parental obstacles before they ever leave the States! Their hearts and minds couldn’t begin to conceive the conflict that awaits them in Scotland!

Shelly Adina has managed to take an elitist, fabulously wealthy group of teens from a private boarding school and portray them as the frail, seekers-of-truth that they are. When the series begins, we have only one committed Christian in the group, but by the time we reach Tidings of Great Boys, most of the girls have been introduced to Christ and are trying to strengthen their fledgling faith amid the shallow, materialistic socialites that surround them. The girls are still struggling with family issues that are heart-breaking, yet they manage to hold one another up through friendship and prayer as they face a series of bizarre and troublesome circumstances.

Mac serves as the focus of this story as the events all take place on her home turf of Scotland. She is not immune to parental strife in her life, and to top it off it looks like their finances will soon take them from riches to rags unless they change things rather quickly! Amid all the relational strife, Mac is introduced to a rather dashing young man who seems unable to view her as the clever, beautiful young lady that she is. Frustration only multiplies as Mac must find a way to tell her friends that they must part ways very soon.

I was greatly relieved to find that there will be one more book to serve as the finale of this series! This group of girls has been through so much, and they have come to hold a fun and special place in my reading menagerie. I’m anxious to see how things turn out for each of them. So grab a copy of Tidings of Great Boys and enjoy a trip to the castle Straithcairn. Then gear up your heart for The Chic Shall Inherit the Earth in January 2010!


Award-winning author Shelley Adina wrote her first teen novel when she was 13. It was rejected by the literary publisher to whom she sent it, but he did say she knew how to tell a story. That was enough to keep her going through the rest of her adolescence, a career, a move to another country, a B.A. in Literature, an M.A. in Writing Popular Fiction, and countless manuscript pages.

Shelley is a world traveler and pop culture junkie with an incurable addiction to designer handbags. She writes books about fun and faith--with a side of glamour. Between books, Shelley loves traveling, playing the piano and Celtic harp, watching movies, and making period costumes.

The All About Us book series has its own home over on the Hachette website. Stop by and see what the five fabulous girls at Spencer Acadenmy are up to! Series Website.Her other books in this series includes book one, It's All About Us, oook Two, The Fruit of my Lipstick, and book three, Be Strong & Curvaceous. This present book is book four.

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