Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shepherd's Fall by W.L. Dyson - My Review

Nick Shepherd’s life is in shattered pieces. His marriage has failed, his daughter is in full rebellion, and the family business – The Prodigal Recovery Agency – is drawing its last financial breath. If his missing sister would just show up and sign the papers from his parents’ estate…

Nick doesn’t understand why God has abandoned him. He followed all the rules. Frustrated and hopeless, Nick spends day after exhausting day chasing one criminal after another. His life as a bounty hunter consumes him. However, when one of his past captures escapes from jail and begins to threaten his daughter, Nick’s life takes on a nightmarish quality greater than any he has ever known.

Annie McNamara is facing her own nightmare. Given only weeks to live, she must locate her sister who has become lost in the labyrinth of drug addiction, prostitution and desperation. When she encounters Nick during one of her late night search and rescue missions, her life takes an unexpected detour, and she is introduced into a situation in which she must face death on her own terms.

W.L. Dyson’s book, Shepherd’s Fall, is a terrific suspense thriller! As the first in the series of stories about the Prodigal Recovery Agency, the reader is thrown head first into a deadly conflict, and each page continues to raise the level of suspense until the reader is left slack-jawed at the twists and turns the story takes on the way to its conclusion. I love it when an author creates a story line that really isn’t the story line…when I’m captured by the plot and holding my breath for the character’s survival only to discover that there is an entirely separate plot that has been cleverly hidden from view! Now that, dear reader, is satisfying to the extreme!!

It is a great pleasure to recommend to you Shepherd’s Fall by W.L. Dyson! The second book in the series is already well on its way to publication, and you will find some tempting scenes from Shepherd’s Run tucked away at the back of the book! So, what are you waiting for!? Purchase your own copy here today!


Wanda Dyson lives with her severely autistic teenager and a menagerie of animals on a horse farm in Maryland. After writing three critically acclaimed suspense novels, she was asked to write the true story of Tina Zahn (Why I Jumped), which was featured on Oprah.

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