Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scared by Tom Davis - the trailer and My Review

“The utter depravity of these terrible acts, the sheer poverty and sickness, death and sadness – these things can weigh down your soul and render it weak and useless, or they can stir your soul to life in a way that can change you. And other people as a result.”

(p. 178)

Tom Davis’ book, Scared, is a fictional story clothed in the truth of desperation and depravity that exists in Swaziland, Africa. This is one of the most painfully beautiful stories of God’s grace and mercy amid life’s most horrible circumstances that I have ever read. Scared is a story that will call your heart to a greater purpose and illuminate the abundance that can be shared with others.

Scared is told from alternating points of view – that of photojournalist Stuart Daniels and that of a young Swazi girl named Adanna. The things that take place in the lives of Stuart and Adanna are not easy to read, and often I had to just close the book and pause in my reading in order to process the information I was taking into my soul. Yet even amid the horror of life in Africa, Adanna’s spirit was called to something so rare and precious that it changed the lives of all that knew her. Instead of asking, “where is God in all of this?” the reader comes to understand a greater truth – one shared by Gordon on page 177: “But the mystery – how God is working in all of this…that I have learned to trust.”

Loss, tragedy, hunger, sickness, moral depravity…these are some of the elements that make up our sin-filled world. Yet God moves in and among the lives of those who are broken amid the horror, and He redeems even the most hopeless in ways we struggle to comprehend. Scared is a beautiful, and life-changing experience, and it is tied into a much greater purpose. Please visit to learn more.

*there are scenes of disturbing violence and depravity throughout this story

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