Sunday, May 17, 2009

Veiled Freedom by J.M. Windle - COMING IN JUNE! DON'T MISS THIS!!

“Still, is love alone really such a small difference to make?” (p. 489)

Amy Mallory is a relief worker in Afghanistan, and she has followed her heart and God’s direction to work among the people of this war-torn country. Her heart and mind are in no way prepared for what she encounters when she arrives in the country, and by the time she reaches the end of her three-month contract, Amy is seeking real answers to some very difficult questions indeed. Can she really make a difference when she isn’t free at all to share her knowledge of Christ’s love with others? In a country that operates within such convoluted avenues of deceit and terrorism, can she make any difference at all?

Steve Wilson is a former U.S. soldier that has returned to Afghanistan to fulfill a private security contract for a national political figure. Bitter, disillusioned and heart-sore from his earlier experiences in-country, Steve approaches his new job with a healthy amount of skepticism and distrust. When he encounters Amy Wallace and her relief work among the Afghani women and children, his heart is touched in a way it hasn’t been in a long time. And when he begins to secure the perimeters of her non-profit project, he discovers that he still must uncover his own heart’s passion toward the people of Afghanistan before he can make a real difference. Will he follow his heart? Or will he continue to perform a duty that is empty of meaning?

Veiled Freedom is a book that has changed my life. For the first time since the September 11th attacks on our country, I think I now have a grasp on what is really taking place in Afghanistan and Iraq. Jeanette Windle has carefully researched and recreated the Afghan culture in her latest novel, and she explores the many different viewpoints through which people view U.S. involvement in this conflict. She also explores the basic beliefs of Islam alongside Christianity, and she reveals the true difference between these two faiths using teachings from the Bible and the Quran. Honestly, I don’t know when I have been so deeply moved by a novel!

I don’t say this lightly either. Jeanette Windle has written a novel that contains a lot of truth, and it is one that makes you consider every angle of the war in which we are engaged. The powerful picture of God’s sovereignty over years of conflict and in spite of flawed human actions and motives was so amazing that I am still just soaking it all in. It’s true. It’s real. And God is working as never before among His people!

So I’m going to say this…if you don’t read anything else, read Veiled Freedom by J.M. Windle. This is current…this is real…this is something we all need to understand within the context of our salvation and God’s ability to use our lives to reach others for Him. You will NEVER forget this book! Never! Veiled Freedom…go…reserve your copy today! Visit the Tyndale Publisher's website to learn more!

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