Saturday, May 30, 2009

COMING IN JULY!!! Don't miss Love's First Light by Jamie Carie!

“No. Your will hurts too much.” It was more a whisper than words as he slid down the wall to the floor and grasped hold of the stones beneath him, clawing at them. “Not Your will. Not anymore.” (p.131)

There is something raw and achingly beautiful about Jamie Carie’s writing. Jamie takes history and brings it to your heart and mind with words and phrases that wring the emotion out of you and leave you hungry for more. Love’s First Light will release from B&H Publishing in July, and I want to urge everyone to read this breathtaking saga - set amid the terror of the French Revolution!

Christophe St. Laurent and his sister, Emilie, belong to a noble family. When Robespierre begins his reign of terror in France, he begins by flooding the guillotine with the blood of nobles, and no one is safe. Meanwhile, tucked away in the small village of Carcassonne, the women of the Bonham family are experiencing their own excruciating circumstances, and end up working side by side – a widowed mother with two daughters, one also a widow and pregnant – Suzanne, Stacia and Scarlett. Scarlett is the niece by marriage to Robespierre, and she cares nothing much about the Revolution swirling about her until she encounters a stranger during her nightly visit to her husband’s grave. In no time at all Scarlett, Christophe and the Bonham women find themselves surviving one of the bloodiest and most terrifying periods in the history of France.

Love’s First Light paints a true picture of God’s grace and sovereignty in all situations. The reality of France in the late 1700’s was as horrifying and terror ridden as any country’s history when revolution sweeps its landscape. Trust was a rare commodity, and untold numbers were executed with no thought of justice. The seed of love that germinates and begins to bloom amid this desolate backdrop is breathtaking in its reality and wondrously portrayed alongside a faith that is as firm and unshakable as the stars in the heavens. Although there are moments when each character cries out in despair and becomes overwhelmed by the hopelessness of the situation, the Lord is faithful to show them His hand, and they cling to it with fearless abandon.

Emilie and Christophe’s characters are amazing, and Scarlett is the epitome of a strong and courageous woman. Jasper and Suzanne’s introduction to each other seems to set off an entire series of events that make a delightful paradox to the reigning terror of the day. In short, I am once again left breathless by the beauty of Jamie Carie’s writing. Please, pre-order your copy of Love’s First Light today! You can visit B&H fiction website to learn more about this great novel, as well as the Author’s site to learn all about her award-winning fiction!


Rel said...

Jamie's good, isn't she?! It is a fabulous book and I enjoyed your review.

Pepper said...

Your review introduced me to Jamie Carie's work. Now I'm hooked. Fantastic! THanks.