Thursday, November 6, 2008

me myself & I AM by Matthew Peters and Elisa Stanford - GIVE AWAY

Have you ever examined your personal relationship with Christ? Have you ever purposefully contemplated your relationship with family members, friends and loved ones who have influenced your Christian walk either negatively or positively? What about your own death? Ever sat down and planned who you would like to speak at your funeral? What about the legacy you hope to leave behind?

Me Myself and I AM is one of the most creative, interesting books I’ve ever encountered, and one that allows you to explore every imaginable area of your faith in a variety of formats! Ranging from simple yes/no answers to open-ended discussion questions and smattered with imaginative thought-starters, this small book contains no end of surprises and delights! I can see huge possibilities for this book whether it’s personal devotion, small-group discussions or an introspective evening with your Sunday School class. I know I am personally going to use this in my writing class that I currently teach at a women’s rehab program in our area. Some of my co-workers also suggested this as a book that engaged couples could work through together or as a gift for grandparents or parents to hand down to their children.

Me Myself and I AM would make a wonderful gift for any brother or sister in Christ. I would encourage everyone to be brave enough to sit down and take an honest, in-depth look at your personal relationship with Christ. Prayerfully consider the questions and seek God’s council when you are challenged! This is a fantastic teaching/learning tool, and I highly recommend it!! You can purchase your copy here, here or here!

I have an extra copy to share with anyone who will leave a comment and their contact information on this post!


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I'd like to have this book.

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Congratulations Rann! This book is yours! I've sent you an email requesting your snail mail address.


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